Tuned Up With Darkraqqen

‘Tuned Up With…’ is a new mini interview series where we discover certain producers’ favourite tunes to either play or simply listen to via ten straight to the point questions!

What better way to begin the series than with Encrypted Audio‘s latest addition, Darkraqqen. The inconspicuous producer first caught my attention 2/3 years ago with a couple of striking self released tracks, ‘Injection’ and ‘Napalm (No Fugazi)’. Since then he’s kept busy, bubbling beneath the surface with a handful of dark experimental tracks and collaborations teaming up with the likes of Mani and LFK and amongst the beat making he’s been busy building YOURWORSTFRIEND, an organic label that has generously put out plenty of free downloads and forward thinking music.

With a collaborative effort out now on Encrypted Audio pairing up with Ramsez (ENC033), I shoot the questions over to Berlin’s best kept secret as we are given an insight into his musical taste…




1. What’s your current favourite tune to open a set with?

Jung – Hicazkar [Forthcoming YWFREE010]

This tune has literally everything to get people in a great mood and to surprise a rave with in my opinion.
I also love to start sets in general with a melodic tune to have a big contrast to the noisy and darker bois I’m playing afterwards.


2. One of your favourite recent productions by yourself?

My favourite production by myself is a tune with my good bro Mani called ‘Deep Down The Hole’.


3. And one from the past?

Before that it was ‘FML’ with Ramsez coming out this month on the 26th on Encrypted Audio.


4. Name three tracks you can’t avoid dropping into your sets right now?

Whatley – Scope Lock
Samba and Saule – El Sur


5. Deadliest dub in the bag?

Good question?! I think maybe Darkaqqen and Mani – Run and Hide (Mesck Remix) [Forthcoming Noctem].


6. Most underrated tune past or present?

‘Up And Down’ by Mani, but I bet none of y’all have heard that yet, so keep your eyes peeled for Ywf EP 001!

(Check out YOURWORSTFRIEND here.)


7. What’s the last tune on Soundcloud you hit the like button on?

3WA – Black Marsh (BANGERRR)


8. Your pal is giving you a lift and hands you the aux cord, what’s the first tune you play? (Any genre.)

Sorry but mostly listening to Dubstep it’s a collab of Samba and Ceiva that I would put on.
Or an album by the band The Last Felony called ‘Too many Humans’.






9. Name one tune that inspired you to get started in the production of music.

Sleeper inspired me and got me motivated to produce music a lot, wouldn’t say a certain tune but most importantly the aesthetic of his older tunes got me really motivated. Still getting tons of inspiration from Gramz.


10. And finally, for good measure, name three or more producers that currently keep popping up on your radar.

Jung, Barret, Mani, LFK, Adub, Soukah, Retina, Scarz, Orkha, WAVWAVWAV, Ramsez, Clint, Kali, Loudcutta, Trisicloplox, Skuvlow, Kiru, Krook, A0, A-V, Shadow and big time shouts to my homegirl Siema, she’s keeping it fresh on sub.fm.



Big respect to Darkraqqen for being the first to take on the ‘Tuned Up‘ questions! Be sure to check out some of the tunes and artists mentioned and hopefully you’ll make some fresh discoveries, that’s what it’s all about!

ENC033 is out now and available digitally from the Encrypted Audio Bandcamp.



Check out Darkraqqen on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Encrypted Audio on Soundcloud.