The Weekly Buzz – 01/06/2020

Shaking the mountainous grounds of Denver for a while now, Sectra is widely considered to be a trailblazer for the noise based, industrial sound that he’s unleashed on the likes of Deep Dark & Dangerous, Encrypted Audio and Gourmet Beats. His latest endeavour ‘Scheming Symmetry features as Circle Vision‘s first digital exclusive release as the Danish label continues to push the boundaries.

Welcomed through ‘Mystic Gates‘, Sectra entices with ominous bells and spirited chimes before breaking into forceful, driving sub-frequencies. Although the track does initially offer some intense bass-driven elements and fearsome sound design, it’s not until the latter moments where Sectra really begins to flex his trademark distortions, as ‘Mystic Gates‘ mutates into an aggressive stomper. ‘With Fright‘ grabs the baton by plunging deeper into his signature sonic warfare. One thing I’ve come to enjoy when it comes to Sectra‘s creations, is the details beneath the domineering distortions and crackles. The rumbles of the kicks, the vivid smack of a snare and sinister, strung out chords all enveloped in layers of destructive static and guttural noise. The EP’s title track ‘Scheming Symmetry‘ offers further brazenfaced carnage, although like a malfunctioning machine, things feel more industrial. Like the sound track of an abandoned, haunted factory with a history of anguish, you can pick out the high frequency metallic screeches and terror filled screams reverberating off steel walls. The foundation crumbling kicks pound at it’s core. For one last blast, Sectra bares all on the closing ‘Reaching Forward‘, bringing an experimental palette of raw, noise based SFX with all the trimmings. Minimal on the percs but maximal on the blistering multi-layered frequencies, this is an essential Sectra soundscape and, like the majority of this killer release, a fulfilling though unnerving audio experience.

CVD001 is out now and available to download from the Circle Vision Bandcamp.

Check out Sectra on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Circle Vision on Soundcloud and Twitter.