Beatsforbeaches & Duckem – Erebus (BASSIN07) [HNYBSS Premiere]

For the label’s seventh instalment, the organically growing Bassin Records returns later this month with the latest project from it’s figurehead, Beatsforbeaches. Beatsforbeaches is one of those producers I’ve seen grow and flourish right before my eyes and ears. From small time self releases to features on Dread Or Dead Records and Indigo Movement, his consistency has lead to a successful year with appearances on the mighty Artikal Music and DUPLOC. The Belgian delivers some more of his increasingly recognisable bass driven designs for BASSIN07, including today’s premiere, a collaboration with Duckem that goes by the name of ‘Erebus‘.

Firing up the jets on BASSIN07, Beatsforbeaches unleashes what was one of my favourite unreleased treasures of his, ‘Powerful Thing‘. Not only does the name follow the central theme of the patois accented monologue that runs through the heart of track, it can also relate to the shear force of Beatsforbeaches‘ signature low end injections, a sub specialist in his element, combined with malefic high frequency tones and resonating bells.
Duckem joins Beatsforbeaches on the following ‘Erebus‘, the first of two collaborations on the EP. Consistent low end switches move between fierce drawn-out hums and short dizzying trembles, transcended into intergalactic realms with an abundance of metallic textures, derived from both the percussive and synthesised territories.
The thumping, bouncy kicks of ‘Kabal‘ leave a bruise or two, brought on by an intro of bold clanging chords, unmissable and foreboding. ‘Kabal‘ is a concoction of loud, turbulent elements all dialled up to the max, from the previously mentioned kicks to the dramatic horns and aggressive ‘rude boi’ spoken cuts. It feels boisterous and unruly, though still conveys the notion of minimalism that sits at the core of Beatsforbeaches‘ productions.
The EP concludes with the second collaboration, this time featuring a new name on my radar, Ezzy. ‘HO‘ bears some of the more luminous moments on the EP, drawn in by sparkling syncopated synths and harshly chopped vocals, cutting through it’s murky underbelly like butter.

BASSIN07 sees Beatsforbeaches double down on a sound that has consistently grown in stature and weight over the last twelve months and one that is becoming more recognisable and more unique to himself.

BASSIN07 is out 22/11/2020 and available to download exclusively from the Bassin Records Bandcamp.

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