Dub Buzz – 04/11/2019

If I’m honest, it’s looking a little light on the release schedule this week, with nothing particularly grabbing my attention (if I am wrong, do let me know). So with that said, here’s a second instalment of ‘Dub Buzz‘ for the second month running. If you still haven’t checked out the last selection then you can do so here. However this one is a little different as this one is a collaboration special! I’ve focused exclusively on collaborations that have come to my attention over the last couple of weeks and made a mark on my radar.

3WA & Breez – Acido Maligno

It’s safe to say Portugese prodigy 3WA has had quite the year, breaking through with massive debuts on Crucial Recordings and Foundation Audio. With rising notoriety comes rising demand for collaborations, so here he is teaming up with Italian producer Breez with ‘Acido Maligno‘. Wobbly, trippy and weighty, acido maligno indeed!

Lord Jabu & Saule – Castle Ruins

Here is what happens when two of the genres’ most distinctive producers come together and utilise both of their signature sounds to create an absolute banger. With somewhat of a subtle moodiness to it, ‘Castle Ruins‘ perfectly marries Saule‘s brooding darkness with the luminous, brighter aspects previously heard from Lord Jabu, particularly within the ever present, quirky sampling. I’d be gutted if this doesn’t see the light of day.

Tinky & Ener – Cathbad

Fresh from a release on Instigate Recordings with ‘The Clan Of Empty Sevens‘ EP, french producer Tinky immediately returns with another curious mystical creation, this time pairing up with fellow frenchman and fairly unknown entity, Ener on ‘Cathbad‘. I love the sketchy, sample based lo-fi feel to this, packed with enigmatic atmospheres and mythical qualities.

SBK. & Chief Kaya – Calling All Dancers

This next collab brings a complete change of pace as SBK. and Chief Kaya share the wet and wobbly ‘Calling All Dancers‘. It’s certainly one to grab the attention of the dance floor as the title suggests with a definite old-school edge to it. A classic, old-school style that Chief Kaya has demonstrated his preference for successfully across recent releases.

Glume & Phossa – Opal (JLeon Remix)

Nothing much more needs to be said about the mighty Glume & Phossa, if you’re still unaware of their invasion then I’m afraid you’ve caught yourself with your head in the sand. Here is something unique to the list, a remix. This one is carried out by Costa Rica’s very own JLeon who puts his mark on Glume & Phossa‘s jazzy Crucial Recordings banger ‘Opal’.

Ceiva & Khonsu – Splinter

With a couple of hard EP’s on Encrypted Audio and appearances on Silent Motion Records and Lost In Sound over the last couple of years, Ceiva has since gone on the down low from what I can tell, with little noise coming from what’s usually a lively and animated producer. So it’s good to see signs of life here as he teams up with the equally exciting Denver based producer Khonsu to create ‘Splinter‘. A powerful and dynamic track as you’d expect from two producers who specialise in texture, rough and tough sound palettes and unorthodox structures.

Scarz & Soukah – Fever Dreams

Speaking of unorthodox styles, Scarz and Soukah are two more producers who don’t play by the rules and instead, focus on their own offbeat styles. So as you’d might expect, their new collaborative track ‘Fever Dreams‘ is one of eccentricity and magic. A deep hypnotic beat with spellbinding melodies. Another big collab destined for an eventual release.

Stizzla & Nosq – Iced Out

Switching the energies somewhat, we go to a collaboration that features 2/3 of the one2six Collective, Stizzla & Nosq. Having recently featured on tracks together on Stizzla & Eater‘s LP ‘Schlachthaus‘, the pair are back at it with the super energetic and reckless ‘Iced Out‘. Featuring harsh textures and absolutely mental switches, it demonstrates a sound that these guys have become known for throughout 2019 and will hopefully progress and fine tune going into 2020. ‘Iced Out‘ isn’t strictly a dub however, as once it hits 1000 plays on Soundcloud, it’s all yours!

RDG & Tosti – D-Rocks

RDG and Tosti bring the aggression with their latest trippy creation ‘D-Rocks‘. It’s consistently powerful in all aspects; the slapping percussion, the deep flutters of the rolling bass-line and the mid-range rips that alternates between the manic melodies. Not one to be taken lightly!

Nova & 3WA – Crow

After beginning with a collaboration starring 3WA, we fittingly end the list with another, this time the Portuguese producer pairs up with the young and upcoming Nova, another producer who’s have a fine year. ‘Crow‘ finishes off our Dub Buzz collaboration special in hypnotic fashion; a compelling roller with super slick percussion.

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– Tom