Dub Buzz – 08/06/2020

After realising I’m yet to post a ‘Dub Buzz‘ this year, I thought it was about time! So instead of a ‘Weekly Buzz‘ review this week, I take a look at some of my favourite unreleased cuts I’ve stumbled upon on Soundcloud. And for this edition, I’m strictly picking fresh, upcoming producers that I haven’t discovered until recently. Every single producer in this selection are appearing on the blog for the first time!

SCHIM92 – Afval

First things first, after listening to the selection of tunes SCHIM92 has on offer, you’ll notice they have a criminally small following so make sure you give a follow. With four self released titles on the Bandcamp this year, it’s evident that not only is SCHIM92 super gifted and active but also multifaceted, with the ability to move from the chilled and wavy ‘DUBIO‘ to the powerful four-to-the-floor ‘SCHAKEL‘. However this cut right here ‘Afval‘ is quite clearly SCHIM92‘s current gem. A perfect balance of light, melancholic melodies, intricate sampling and slapping percs. Oh yeah, and it’s tough as nails!

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Proove – Passerby Unknown

Croatian producer Proove is, to me, super fresh. Like, only just discovered this week kind of fresh. It appears I’ve slept slightly on the Volumen Crew counterpart up until now, missing out on a solid selection of unreleased tunes on his Soundcloud feed. And with the latest ‘Passerby Unknown‘, it’s time we saw Proove enter the radar of some of the genre’s respected labels as the vibrancy and intricacy of his music begins to shine through.


Yoofee – Seek & Move

Yoofee has been making waves out of Berlin over the last few months, putting out plenty of teasers of his cutting edge, dance floor friendly creations. Following an appearance on Infernal Sound‘s free download series last month with ‘0815 Tension‘, Yoofee continues to impress with a couple more fresh out the oven tunes including ‘Seek & Move‘. Featuring incredibly groovy, body moving low end and some of the cleanest percussion you’ll find today.

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Nizth – Hoold

If you’re familiar with H&B, you’ll know I’m a sucker for all things dark and moody. Just a quick scroll through Nizth‘s Soundcloud feed and you’ll realise the unknown Russian producer can supply these vibes by the bucket load. So for that, I’ve become an instant fan. Nizth‘s latest creation ‘Hoold’ embodies his dark and dangerous sound, including menacing, unrelenting low frequencies and bone chilling notes.

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Gleb Choutov – Siyah Qalam

Gleb Choutov could easily be considered one of the more established producers include in this list. The German producer has found himself producing material for the likes of Foundation Audio, Instigate Recordings and even Deep Dark & Dangerous all the way back in 2017. However most recently, his work has really caught my attention. Uploaded with some wicked artwork, Gleb Choutov‘s recent dubs happen to be some of my favourite productions I’ve enjoyed this year. Exquisitely detailed with sub zero depth, the atmosphere’s are huge and moving. Whilst there are plenty of producers out there creatively working with sounds of eastern cultures right now, Choutov‘s incorporation feels unique and natural, particularly on the powerful ‘Siyah Qalam‘.

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Saanen – ********* Dub

It was only two months ago where I was graced by the sounds of Saanen. His ‘Covid Wars‘ effort really caught my attention with his rough and aggressive input. A brief listen through some of Saanen‘s tracks and his consistent progression into more combative areas of production becomes apparent. His latest cuts are both fuller and edgier with unique mixtures of dub-wise inflections, hip-hop influences and harsh industrial elements. This latest dub right here illustrates his robust, no nonsense approach to his productions. A little polish and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Saanen name feature on high profile labels in the near future!

Soundcloud | Instagram

Granul – Birthday Party

Granul has rightly experienced an increase in support in recent months, particularly from the likes of Sicaria Sound on Rinse FM. Throughout the last year, the cryptic Turkish creative has revealed plenty of material to be salivated over. None more so than his recent self released EP ‘Collapse‘, applying his frequently volatile, terror filled sound designs and biting distortion. However for this latest cut ‘Birthday Party‘, Granul turns the experimentation dial up to eleven, constructing three and a half minutes worth of satisfying chaos. An abstract soundscape laced in noise and twisted SFX, the type of boundary pushing sounds I can fully get behind!

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iTAN – Sleepwalking

Going by just the two lonely yet memorable tracks on iTAN‘s Soundcloud right now, you can immediately identify the New Zealander’s potential. Following the ethereal, down-beat drones of ‘Interlude‘, iTAN has followed up with this cracker which I’ve found myself repeatedly returning to. ‘Sleepwalking‘ ambles through warm and wistful brass notes, forlorn piano keys and superb foley-esque drum fills. From the drums to the bass and even down to the added crackles, it all feels so beautifully organic and addictive.

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Sapleo – Untitled

With close affiliation to the previously mentioned Proove and the Volumen Crew, upcoming Croatian producer Sapleo has also developed a really clean and compelling sound through recent months. Whilst individually experimenting with elements of jazz and ambience over previous tracks, this latest ‘Untitled‘ piece reveals Sapleo‘s dark side. Deep and droney for the most part, the track continues to evolve with industrial textures and high frequency tones included later on, as Sapelo looks to demonstrate his ability to produce efficiently across the 140 spectrum.

Soundcloud | Instagram

Isu – Artifact

I know absolutely nothing of Isu and I’m sure many don’t. Considering the almost no existent following, I’m assuming this is a newly incepted alias. So to conclude the list, I’m just simply going to leave this piece of haunting sound design here. No words necessary, this one is a beauty but unfortunately the only track of Isu‘s right now.


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– Tom