Duckem – Spinal’s Army (Saraphim Remix) (DOD007) [HNYBSS Premiere]

In the wake of Ninety‘s massive ‘Cave Runner‘ EP, Dread Or Dead Records look to continue their 2021 takeover with an immediate return, presenting Duckem‘s latest project, ‘Spinal’s Army‘ EP. Duckem has consistently made moves for a while now, surfing through the deep sounds of wave to energetic grime and, as demonstrated today, the dark dungeons of 140. Focusing on what is my favourite side to his productions, ‘Spinal’s Army‘ EP harbours two of Duckem‘s latest dark creations alongside two mirroring remixes by B-Say and Saraphim. Today I have the pleasure of presenting Sarpahim‘s massive remix of the title track, ‘Spinal’s Army‘.

Spinal’s Army‘ marches into vast war torn lands of samurai violence, the frenzy highlighted by manic cackles of opium addled soldiers. Misty and cold, the floating vocal harmonies realise the souls of the battlefield’s victims, emerging from the blood drenched ground of deep, spine cracking bass-weight pressure and percussion as sharp and as accurate as a warrior’s sword. From the bloody battles of 1336 to the intergalactic journeys of the future, Duckem uncovers deep space mega structures on ‘Dyson Swarm‘. The incomprehensible vastness of the cosmos lays bare with Duckem‘s expansive design; a marriage of booming low end frequencies, sombre vocal layers and reverberating sci-fi synths. Today’s premiere sees dubstep super-duo Saraphim emphatically put their spin on ‘Spinal’s Army‘. From the harmonic vocals to the big sweeping FX, each element of the original is acknowledged and treated to perfection. Whilst Saraphim harnesses that lingering darkness and simmering emotion, it’s grown bright enough and lively enough to move seamlessly from the lands of the samurai and straight to the excited feet of the dancefloor. It may well be my favourite remix so far this year! B-Say also makes an impression on his remix of ‘Dyson Swarm‘ with all of his signature sounds on display. Transformed into a stripped back stomper, the bass tones are as recognisable as ever, propagating that familiar B-Say power with the track’s intoxicating ambience growing late on.

Only a handful of releases into it’s venture, Dread Or Dead Records are already building an impressive catalogue with names like Ninety, Nova and Beatsforbeaches already enjoying a release. Now hosting some of Duckem‘s finest material and indulging in high profile remix features, DOD are quickly growing into a force to be reckoned with. And ditto Duckem, who continues impress no matter which creative route he decides to take next.

DOD007 is out now and available to download here.

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