HNYBSSFD003: Darkai – Nocturnal [FREE DOWNLOAD]

It’s a pleasure to relaunch the free download series with this absolute banger by Darkai!
The London based producer first appeared on my radar earlier this year when I stumbled upon a couple of outstanding tunes that still remain criminally underrated. I’ve since been blessed with a handful of brand new tracks that are rattling the cages of his hard drive and eager to escape into the public sphere, one of which I have the pleasure of unleashing as a free download today! ‘Nocturnal’ is the very essence of Darkai’s growing sound; dark and powerful with an abundance of infectious energy. Let this be the first of many as Darkai inevitably imbeds himself into your playlists!

Download ‘Nocturnal’ now directly from SC.

Check out Darkai on Soundcloud and Instagram.