It’s the first instalment of the Honey & Bass Sessions! I kick off the series myself with a 40 minute selection of some of my favourite tunes over the last 12 months.

We’ve got recent stuff from the likes of Akcept, GRAMZ, Thelem and Causa, some free download bits from Feonix, Kali and ALXZNDR and more of my personal favourites such as Compa and Juss B.

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Feonix – Hold Up
Kali – Misdemenor
Kahn & Neek – Abbatoir (ALXZNDR Remix)
Spec – Wig
Thelem – Mysteriez
AxH – D-Lux
Juss B – Grand Hustle
Juss B – Blow My Smoke
GRAMZ – Saxons
Mesck – The Veil
Compa – Paranoia ft. Juss B
Capo Lee -Liff (ALXZNDR Remix)
Trends & Boylan – Untouchable
Sleeper x Thelem – Strawberry Cough
Truth – Lyrical Murderer ft. D Double E
Saule – Cure Dem
Causa – Minerals
Akcept – Howl


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