Man like Hella has kindly stepped up for the latest instalment of Honey & Bass Sessions representing the Bristol gang and what a mix he’s put together! From start to finish we’re treated to a selection of vibrant beats, stacked with some of the finest unreleased cuts including the likes of H&B favourites Koma, Cartridge and Skint Disco. Plus a few bangers from the man himself. Be sure to give Hella a follow and keep your eyes and ears open as future movements are sure to be made!


Commodo – Russian Glass [Black Acre]
Hella – Mon Amour [Free Download]
Boofy & Vamoss – May [Releaased]
Rygby – Janksy [Dub]
Feonix & Simetra – The City [Uprise Audio]
Hypho – Latex Glove [Foto] 
Sleeper x Jamakabi – Civil War [Free Download] 
Koma – Barcode [Dub] 
Ternion Sound – Foley Tune [Dub] 
Namaste – Clangers [Dub]
Eyez & Sleeper – Outsider [Dub]
Saule – Lockscrew [Dub] 
Hella – Bhavacakra [Dub] 
Cartridge – Like Gold [Dub] 
Noble & AAEE – Bamboo [Bandcamp Release] 
Argo – Lament [Dub]
Romeo Elvis – Lenita [Out Now]
Causa – Minerals [Crucial Recordings]
Quasar – Looz [Dub]
Lyne – Shivtrap [Dub] 
Skint Disco – Glume & Phossa Remix [Dub] 
Koma – Miss Amsterdam [Dub] 
Hella – Ol’ Faithful [Dub]
Gru Var – Born Murderin [Dub] 
Skint Disco – Debts [Dub]
Zygos – Tomos [Bandcamp Release]
Fiend – Pharaoh [Dub]
Rygby – Affiliation [Dub]
RUDE – Eternal Youth [Bandcamp Release]

Check out Hella on Soundcloud and Twitter.