HNYBSSSSNS014 | Reap_Eat

The Honey & Bass Sessions finally returns! I’m not going to even state how long it’s been (far too long), but the guest mix series is hopefully here to stay. Getting things back into gear is long time follower of the blog and dubstep aficionado, Reap_Eat. The Cali based selector has been doing his own thing to express his passion for the genre with a highly underrated mix series of his own, laying out some of the best dubstep has to offer and, like todays series, offers hidden gems that you may have been unaware of previously.
Reap_Eat demonstrates impeccable taste throughout this hour of the freshest 140 flavours, including music from the genre’s current heavyweights like Causa, Ternion Sound and Kercha.


Rakjay – The Whistler
Causa – Repellant (3WA Remix)
Trashbat – Devil’s Work
ReThink – Killa
Bezlebub – Pile of Reeds
Derryl Danston – Dark Mana
ADS1 – Tabula Rasa
Digital Pilgrimz – Healing Energies
Inertia – Translucent
Tenchu – Tempel
Squeeth – Deepest Reaches
Bidl – Oddball
Ternion Sound – Tactics
Dopel – Eternal
Hunch – Achy
TSAM – Shuri Castle
Kercha – Thirst Of Repression
Marenn Sukie – Indigenous
RDubz – Heavy Eyes
Traces – Descent
Flowdan & Abstrakt Sonance – Firing Line (The Widdler Remix)
Ome – Waan
SerpentEyes – Card Shark Shuffle
Hourfriend – Furthest
Subreachers – Betelgeuse
Darn – Pause
LSN – Power Shift (ft. Flowdan)

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Note: If you’re interested in being a part of the guest mix series, please do get in touch!