The Honey & Bass Podcast – January 2018

Happy New Year! The Honey & Bass Podcast is back for the first time in 2018. Exactly an hour of great tunes taken from all corners of the genre so there’s plenty of variety, as intended! This episode I play the latest Innamind releases from Boofy and Headland, a couple of tracks taken from Feonix‘s self released EP and a couple of remixes from Deep Dark & Dangerous’ huge free remix album that released over the festive period. On top of that I play some of my favourites from 2017 and a couple of tracks out this month from J:Kenzo and Gantz.

Got any tunes you’d like me to play next month? Then please message me on Soundcloud or email Thanks for your ears!
Taiko – No More
Headland – Levy
Akcept – Howl
Truth – Midnight (Oudjat Remix)
DubDiggerz – 40hz Burn
Sweeper – The Void
Feonix – Tension
Seven & Juss B & Truth – Sour Power
A:Grade & Juss B – Done Deal
Feonix – Twopointfive
Feonix & Na-Kika – Pee’s & Bee’s (ColtCuts Remix)
J:Kenzo – Sharkeye
Saule – Cure Dem
Boofy – Ledge
Roklem & Sebalo – Greed
SkintDisco – The Nature
Lord Icon – Effigy
Mesck – Johnny, Are You A Ghost?
Darkraqqen & Manee – Voices In My Head
Boofy – Dead Stylus
Kanomotis – Watch Ya Steppa
Headland – Seen
CLZ – Recursion
Gantz – Shivy Ft. Dedw8
ALXZNDR – Metallic Sun
Taiko – Zen Harder
Argo – That Fresh
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Instagram – honeyandbass