Honey & Bass Pilot Podcast – November 2017

And not a moment too soon, have a listen to the very first Honey & Bass Podcast! It turned out to be quite a session and went on longer than expected and a bit rough in parts as I was just vibing with it, but being a pilot episode, I’ve let it slide!

The podcast will return the first weekend of every month from now on lasting 60 minutes per show, maybe with a little presenting by myself. Would be wicked if you could join me! Got any tunes you’d like me to play? Then message me on here or email honeyandbass@hotmail.com.

Being a pilot episode, I’ve decided to put up the track list as a one off so you can go and check out any certain tunes you’ve enjoyed but not sure what they are. That’s what Honey & Bass is all about, spreading the incredible music! This month I play new releases from Feonix, Akcept, Truth, Khiva and a whole lot more!



Compa – Lampin’
GRAMZ – Saxons
Feonix – Taro VIP
Akcept – Dreader Than Dread
Truth – Lion
J:Kenzo – Cross Polarity
Kahn & Neek – Abbatoir (ALXZNDR Remix)
Distinct Motive – F Class
Khiva – Pure
Dub Killer – India
207 – Untitled Ft. Nurve
LSN – Formulas
Mesck – Slang Suffocate
Trisicloplox – Hello, mr.
Sleeper x Mesck – Fukka
Black Josh Ape – Shoko Asahara Prod.Biome
Thelem – Lock Out
Jook – Juice
Capo Lee – Liff (ALXZNDR Remix)
Argo – That Fresh
Kali – Misdemenor
GRAMZ – Pew Pew Pew
Feonix – Baba
Mesck – The Veil
Compa – Paranoia Ft. Juss B
LSN – Mofockas
Perkulat0r – Rudeflex (Thelem Remix)
Spec – I Feel Sick
Thelem – Ninety 3
Truth – Tunnel Vision Ft. Quest
Juss B – Starry Eyes
Juss B – Pull It Back


Out to all producers featured and to you for listening, let me know what you think via Twitter @HNYBSS!