Leo Cap – Let Me Tell You Something (DDD075) [HNYBSS Premiere]

After listening to the ‘Lost In Rave‘ EP last year by Leo Cap, the 140 alias of DnB heavyweight Black Barrel, I knew it was just the beginning of his venture into Dubstep and that he was sitting on some huge tunes, but not this huge! It’s no surprise to see a label with the pedigree that Deep Dark & Dangerous has to recognise Leo Cap‘s impressive sound with such enthusiasm. Faced with what I can only assume was an entire catalogue’s worth of irresistible heat, DDD were unable to restrain themselves, deviating from the usual schedule of four track releases and instead, decide to showcase six of the Russian’s monster 140 tunes including today’s premiere, the EP’s title track, ‘Let Me Tell You Something‘.

Spine tingling tension mounts on the opening ‘Let Me Tell You Something‘, a brooding preface of floating synths and growing percs until we’re met with menacing laughter, a giggle towards our naivety of what lays before us. Beyond the sneering chuckle awaits a rough, chugging motor of a bassline, one that gets tougher as Leo Cap increases the revs, pumping the accelerator towards a whiplashing break-down of head crushing stomps and face smacking snares. The versatile producer continues to motor through with the dizzying, whirring lows of ‘Give Me Dis‘, before a collab with Ghostek. The pair follow captivating patterns of pull and release on ‘Make Me Long‘, shifting from sections of thick, stripped back low end pressure into untamed percussion and ominous synth tones.
And then we have ‘D A M N‘. What can I say about this tune, man? From the first listen, the second listen, the third and beyond, I haven’t be able to subdue the hype! I’m not one of the most physically expressive of listeners but every time I’ve given this a spin, I’ve always felt the need to buckle up. From the ingenious ‘why you do this to me‘ pre-drop vocal, to the big spacey kicks and the dominant quivering synth lead, it’s just pure ‘D A M N‘ energy throughout and my pick of the bunch alongside today’s premiere. The following ‘100 Life’ and ‘Ring My Bells‘ sees the EP to it’s end, driving through more powerful bass driven territories where you can pick out Leo Cap‘s DnB heritage, whilst delivering those epitomising sounds of Deep Dark & Dangerous.

Let Me Tell You Something‘ officially solidifies Leo Cap‘s arrival into the ever growing world of 140 and what better way to do so than on the pioneering DDD? DDD075 is an inspiring demonstration of a talented producer with roots in other genres, successfully bringing those core sounds into new environments. Leo Cap had something to tell you and now you know.

DDD075 is out 12/03/2021 and available to download from the Deep Dark & Dangerous Bandcamp.

Check out Leo Cap on Soundcloud and Instagram.
Check out Deep Dark & Dangerous on Soundcloud and Instagram.