Lord Jabu – Ancient Mariner (HOTPLATES007) [HNYBSS Premiere]

Hotplates Recordings finally return with another pair of highly anticipated heaters, this time from the talented Lord Jabu! Like all of imprint’s releases so far, the seventh instalment sticks with their streamlined schedule of two high quality cuts; a refreshing no nonsense, no saturation approach. So when Hotplates come with the goods, you don’t forget it in a hurry, especially when the unmistakeable sounds of Lord Jabu are involved! A producer that specialises in vibrant beats steeped in musicality, Lord Jabu reveals some of his most experimental bits across both ‘Formality‘ and today’s premiere, ‘Ancient Mariner‘.

Pushing the boundaries of his own unique sound, ‘Formality‘ is anything but. Instead, Lord Jabu endeavours in a psychedelic trip of badman bass-driven grooves, infested with a sick ‘n twisted lead, wriggling within the skull like brain worms. But it’s on the flip with today’s premiere, ‘Ancient Mariner‘, where Lord Jabu let’s loose. The bass is dizzying and initially disorientating, like the rough current of the ocean. Alarming tones screech from beyond the horizon, on the face of it, they’re harsh and discordant, but Jabu knows how to make it work. Influences are briefly revealed when vocalised excerpts of ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner‘ by Samuel Taylor Coleridge rise to the surface, battling through the relentless storm of spiralling arpeggios and lightning frequencies. A thoroughly suitable counterpart to the equally nutty A-side!

HOTPLATES007 is another must cop from both Lord Jabu and Hotplates Recordings, and possibly the most bonkers pair of tunes to be pressed onto Hotplates wax thus far!

HOTPLATES007 is out now and available on vinyl and digital from the Hotplates Recordings Bandcamp.

Check out Lord Jabu on Soundcloud and Instagram.
Check out Hotplates Recordings on Soundcloud and Instagram.