Proove – 052 (LEM004) [HNYBSS Premiere]

Straight out of the beautiful Pula, Croatia, Proove has developed a habit of creating equally beautiful bass driven music over recent years and his latest dose arrives on Low End Music with three of his slickest tunes to date. There’s some super wonky grooves to be enjoyed throughout this 12″ but my favourite of the three ‘052‘, brings something different towards the end and I’m delighted to present it in full today!

The very essence of Proove‘s established sound can be found in the opening ‘Holder‘, with an immediate wave of invigorating sub-lead grooves and colourful melodies. With a bassline so smooth, so energising and captivating, it’s easy to miss the subtle details within Proove‘s authentic percussion work, from the rolls to the sharp rim shots – you’ll find it becomes an inherent theme throughout the record. Proove pours a refreshing cup of atmospheric one four-tea (sorry not sorry) on the following ‘Earl Grey‘, as more sub-quivering flavours emerge. In an area that allows plenty of breathing room over the dominant switching basslines, sonar bleeps and delayed electronic synth tones takes us into deep subaquatic realms of the shimmering Mediterranean sea in hypnotic fashion.
Which brings us to the final track and today’s premiere ‘052‘, the definition of a hidden gem! If it wasn’t for the deep whirring hits of dubstep defining subs, you could quite easily mistake it for a classic jazz piece. The foley percussion remains so sharp and detailed and provides the structure for such a breezy tune. Warm yet sombre chords linger alongside the inevitable brass section that throws us into the back streets of NYC circa 1955, delivering what is the epitome of a wistful comfort tune.

Following Teffa‘s characteristically beefy frequencies on the previous LEM release, the label has made a timely return with this wonderful switch in tone from Proove. A perfect project of three breezy summer tunes that doesn’t abandon the core elements of the genre.

LEM004 is out 25/05/2022 and available on vinyl and digital from the Low End Music Bandcamp.

Check out Proove on Soundcloud and Instagram.
Check out Low End Music on Soundcloud and Instagram.