Qant & Yaxx – Scales (Duckem Remix) [HNYBSS Premiere]

It’s always important to keep an open mind and remain aware of the diverse underground. That’s why we briefly step away from the usual 140 today and for the first time in a while, we take some time to enjoy other tempos from other producers that reside beyond the towering walls of dubstep. The recently relaunched imprint Eyesome Collective, perfectly bridges the gap between those differing styles and the sounds usually described on Honey & Bass, none more so than the label’s latest pick up courtesy of Toulouse based producer, Qant. ‘Scales‘ EP is a feisty culmination of Qant‘s versatile sound. Through three brand new tracks, including a collaboration and a VIP, Qant lavishly injects darkness into his break-driven jungle and beyond that, we’re treated to two remixes from fellow Toulousian Stacktrace and a name more familiar to the blog, Duckem, whose remix of ‘Scales‘ features as today’s premiere!

From the opening ‘Damn Low‘, Qant exudes aggression. With hotfooted breaks, it’s oozes dancefloor energy, especially when paired with the pungency of the bassline. The following collaboration, ‘Scales‘, featuring Yaxx, offers similar break-driven, nostalgia laced energy. Although here, the atmosphere is palpable, guided on a trip to the unknown whilst surrounded by minor bells and bewildering basslines until we’re eventually lead to Siberia, ‘Siberia VIP‘ to be more precise, where the breaks are stripped back, the low end is far beyond sub-zero and ambient SFX continue paint out the starkness of rural Russia. Concluding this refreshing release, we’re hit with two shots of unmissable remix action. Today’s premiere sees Duckem take on ‘Scales‘, where the multifaceted producer injects his signature sorrowful sounds in the most effective way, introducing trap elements and powerful synth hits for this melancholic midnight ride through the empty city streets. And finally, Stackface wraps up the EP with his take on ‘Damn Low‘, a powerful rearrangement of percussion and additional cosmic ambience sends this one to the moon!

Maybe I’m just naïve but for me, ‘Scales‘ EP stands as a reminder. A reminder that creativity still resides in the perennial world of jungle and drum & bass, especially when emerging talents like Qant are involved. But more importantly, I’m a moody boy at heart, so the aggression of ‘Damn Low‘ and gloom of Duckem‘s ‘Scales’ remix are two powerful stand out tunes that, like the rest of the EP, must be enjoyed during the midnight hours.

‘Scales’ EP is out now and available from the Eyesome Collective Bandcamp.

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