SerpentEyes & Legend4ry – Tunnels (LDH022) [HNYBSS Premiere]

LDH Records have quickly become one of those no nonsense labels that we can all rely on and expect to bring the heat upon each release. Whether its’s a limited vinyl project, a digital exclusive or like today, a heavyweight collaborative project that stretches across the globe, LDH is the place to be if you’re a fully signed up dubstep fan in 2023. Alabama’s SerpentEyes joins the LDH crew this week and brings some of that dirty southern 140 to the label alongside international friends, Morning High and Legend4ry. It’s a triple threat that includes some very distinct flavours, none more so than today’s premiere ‘Tunnels‘.

The record’s leading track ‘Shadows Talk‘, is the EP’s quintessential solo cut from SerpentEyes and a brooding palette cleanser that sets the tone before the two towering collaborations. It paints a storm on the horizon with everlasting zither tones and natural percussive work outlining the blackened peaks of the Himalayas. It’s the sharpest, moodiest material I’ve heard from SerpentEyes thus far and I hope it’s a sign of things to come! Today’s premiere ‘Tunnels‘, sees multi-genre creative Legend4ry combine with SerpentEyes, where the atmosphere from the previous track is catapulted into the future. Neon synths and lively blooping melodies flesh out much of the track, but the powerful driving bass is what really gets the hearts racing and rib cages rattling on this cyberpunk dancefloor. Morning High‘s collaborative effort with SerpentEyes offers yet another angle to this triple tracker, with a discernible influence of dubwise sounds on the sound-system focused ‘Dub Specialist‘. Starting out with some punchy sub bass flavours, before you know it, you’re elevated into some heavenly dubstep utopia, brought on by a symphony of harmonic vocal tones and climatic celestial pads.

LDH022 allows us to witness the growth of SerpentEyes‘ sound in real time with an acutely sharp and poignant title track, before two similarly underrated talents join to create this multifaceted system-testing trio.

Shadow Talks‘ EP is out 17/03/2023 and available to download from the LDH Records Bandcamp.

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