Sordez – Vanilla Dub (IFSDIGI007) [HNYBSS Premiere]

It’s come to the point now where Infernal Sounds are delivering the goods quicker than UPS! Amidst last month’s Frenchless release and forthcoming DE-TU heat, the label welcomes fledgling Swedish producer Sordez to their digital series with a very solid and diverse three tracker entitled ‘Lighthouse‘ EP, which includes today’s premiere, ‘Vanilla Dub‘.

As a little known producer on such a prolific label, Sordez grabs the opportunity with both hands, shining a light in every corner of his producing arsenal. He starts with some sharp 2-step action on the leading track ‘Lighthouse‘, which builds on a stark soundscape of ghostly bleeps and a growing dominance of delicate synth harmonies. Whereas the following ‘Lost Levy‘, sees Sordez put a lot more meat on the bones with beefy kick patterns and a more twisted assortment of synth composites and persistent SFX to match. This would be a track more suited to my personal taste if it wasn’t for today’s premiere and finale piece ‘Vanilla Dub‘. Sordez establishes his shapeshifting capabilities once and for all with an injection of dubwise detail, built with the kind of sub movement that you simply can’t remain stationary to and softly echoing melodies that provides an easy-going closer.

Sordez has come out of nowhere with this bass driven medley, expertly picked up by the IFS crew. Like any debut should, ‘Lighthouse‘ EP has encouraged myself to look forward to hearing more from the newly discovered producer. But the best of it is, I have no idea what the next Sordez project will sound like, although if it’s on the same level as this, it’ll be another unavoidable must listen project to add to the collection.

Lighthouse‘ EP is available 01/10/2021 and available to download here.

Check out Sordez on Soundcloud and Instagram.
Check out Infernal Sounds on Soundcloud and Instagram.