Substrada Ft. Riko Dan – Calibre VIP (FKOFV006) [HNYBSS Premiere]

Like the dubstep power house that FatKidOnFire has become, the label continues to curate and innovate for their latest instalment by bringing forth a VIP exclusive record, filled to the edge with highly anticipated material! FKOFV006 features four killer tunes by four killer artists that previously found success on the imprint, however they return in new and emboldened forms. Ourman, Roklem, Substrada and WZ all reimagine their original productions and throw on a new layer of craziness which is always interesting and satisfying to hear. Today I have the pleasure of presenting Substrada‘s ‘Calibre‘ VIP, featuring the mighty vocals of London City Warlord, Riko Dan.

Ourman‘s finely tuned sound has long been recognised as something vibrant and energising and for this VIP of ‘Nirdsong‘, the Frenchman dials it up to maximum levels. Taking a further stripped back approach, Ourman retains everything that is inherently ‘Ourman‘; those chimes resonate and jingle jangle on an industrial scale, echoing to such vivid proportions alongside vibrant synth notes, with the intensified subs pounding beneath. Speaking of industrial, Roklem returns with the huge ‘Forged‘ VIP. The original was massive enough, one of the heaviest to feature on FKOF and one of my favourites from the German producer, until now, because this VIP is on an even more monolithic level and hits you like a truck!
Today’s premiere opens up the equally loaded b-side. Like many of the artists to feature on the label, FKOF caught Substrada early when they snapped up some of the Belgian’s tunes for FKOFd046. One of those was the huge ‘Calibre‘, with the lyrical ammunition fired off by Riko Dan. This particular variation is probably one of the more striking reworks of the four; a simple yet effective cut with a certain darkness and toughness that matches Riko‘s vocals perfectly. Czech whizz kid, WZ, brings the record to a close with his rework of ‘Dossier‘, which featured on his first vinyl release early in 2020 (FKOFv003). Though the VIP is subtle, WZ definitely enhances it’s original stank-face groove. The subs are sumptuously smooth and bouncy and, like the previous cuts on this heavyweight plate, loaded for the sound-system!

“Some of these tunes are the first VIPs the artists have ever done (or ever released) and we’re stoked to continue supporting such talent across the 140bpm spectrum. This music is meant for the physical format, so we’re excited to be putting these four cuts onto plates and into your hands!” – FatKidOnFire.

FKOFV006 is out 17/09/2021 and available to pre order via the FatKidOnFire Bandcamp.

Check out Substrada on Soundcloud and Instagram.
Check out FatKidOnFire on Soundcloud and Instagram.