Teffa – A4 (DD003) [HNYBSS Premiere]

Our final premiere of the year is fittingly bonkers. Following the footsteps of Ninety and Sibla, the unparalleled music of Teffa is the latest to be cut into limited Dutt Dutt wax! The Russian label only debuted earlier this year but is already destined for success as we head into 2022. Like those that came before, two super slick, super heavyweight tunes feature on DD003 including today’s premiere, ‘A4‘.

As you’d expect from Teffa both tracks offer the nuttiest of basslines, although each delivering contrasting vibes. The leading ‘Pass The J‘ focuses on a huge dominant bassline, rough and metallic like it’s jumped out of a Rusko set circa 2009 although still sounding daisy fresh. The B-side and today’s premiere ‘A4′, is equally as nuts but more catered to my darker and more minimal taste. The outrageously powerful sub-flutters do their best to throw the needle off the dubplate but if it survives, you’re treated to one of Teffa‘s signature grooves, illuminated by sweeping FX and echoing drum accents that capture the authenticity and the very essence of Teffa‘s work.

When it comes to finding that balance between the quintessential sounds of dubstep and something more up-to-date, we’ve quickly found out that Teffa holds the crown and so has Dutt Dutt who, in just three releases, have signalled their intent on becoming a leading imprint, ready to present some of the craziest and most creative 140 going forward.

DD003 is out on vinyl on 17/12/2021 (pre-order now sold out) with the digital available sometime next year via the Dutt Dutt Bandcamp.

Check out Teffa on Soundcloud and Instagram.
Check out Dutt Dutt on Soundcloud and Instagram.