Teffa – Crooks (LEM003) [HNYBSS Premiere]

Following a momentous year in 2020, it was to be expected that Teffa would slip back into the shadows for a short while, just to reload the artillery with more explosive system-levelling material. After adding a bunch of labels to the CV in quick succession including the likes of Albion Collective and FatKidOnFire, he makes his way back to the front line next week, continuing to fire his heavy weaponry in the direction of various imprints and this time it’s the turn of growing UK label, Low End Music. Offering both vinyl and digital releases, Low End Music have already welcomed the likes of JSM and Panix to the label, so with the addition of Teffa, you know they mean business! Throughout ‘Attention‘ EP, Teffa reminds us of his pure sub driven power and devastating minimalism, especially on today’s banger of a premiere, ‘Crooks‘.

The leading title track ‘Attention‘, launches with a typically meaty Teffa bassline to sink you teeth into, like a sirloin steak sizzling on the turntable. So thick and juicy, so fierce and wobbly, yet the emerging ominous synths aren’t there just for effect, they’re there to eventually lead towards a second drop madness that Teffa always manages to deliver. It’s a filthy turn towards the wet and wild and beyond lays even further bad boy bassline carnage. A proper progressive low end masterclass. The deep menacing tones of Supreme Leader Snoke introduces ‘Hills & Bumps‘, whereby Teffa navigates the dark side with yet another low end battle, one that’s both relentless and fun in equal measures. A bouncy bassline so visceral and full-bodied, it almost feels tangible, like you could give it a firm squeeze if you dared to catch it.
There’s clear progression in sound throughout the record and it becomes particularly clear upon ‘Solnce’, which sees the EP progress into rougher territories. A romper stomper where you’d be right to think that the initial phases are tough enough with the teeth grinding bass, violent kicks and garnishes of vivid textures and swelling FX, but yet again we’re in for another neck breaking second drop that you’ll want to rewind and rewind again. Finally, the toughest of them all arrives in the form of today’s premiere, ‘Crooks’. Snarling, moody bass incisions dominate the otherwise stripped back eyes-down growler, for me it’s the most effective demonstration of Teffa‘s cut-throat minimalism and obnoxiously tough low end design, so no wonder it’s my pick of the four!

Never in doubt, Teffa‘s first full 2021 outing was always going to be absolute ten out of ten madness. It’s no secret that the Leeds based producer is almost always sitting on dangerous material and it’s great to see him share the good stuff across various imprints, especially rising labels like Low End Music who are now an imprint to watch out for and a catalogue to collect. That’s if your hard drive or record collection can endure the weight!

Attention‘ EP is out 28/06/2021 and available on vinyl and digitally from the Low End Music Bandcamp.

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Check out Low End Music on Soundcloud and Instagram.