The Hive – March 2020

Well, where do I start? It’s been quite a month. Between my website crashing and an actual fucking global pandemic, an overwhelming amount of fantastic music has entered the public domain, particularity thanks to that brilliant ‘Fee Free Friday’ initiative over on Bandcamp. The stupidly entertaining ‘COVID WARS‘ has also soaked up a lot of my time and gratefully so. So out of all the music I’ve copped and been sent throughout this hectic year long month, here’s a handful of releases I’ve found myself either remembering with clarity or found myself going back to again and again…

Glume & Phossa – Silkworm EP

I think it’s evident now that when gifted Bristol duo Glume & Phossa puts out new material, whether it’s courtesy of themselves or the many imprints rightfully paying interest, it’s going to be featured on the blog. The pair brought more of their captivating magic to our ears this month in the form of ‘Silkworm’ EP. Self released on their Bandcamp, ‘Silkworm‘ EP possesses four of their many vibrant productions that have remained exclusive and widely sought after over the last couple of years. For me personally, I was particularly stoked to see the energetic ‘JAWA‘ to feature among the four tracks but upon my first full listen, it was the incredible ‘Black Sun‘ that stole the show.

Cartridge – CARTY001

Alongside Glume & Phossa, it’s no secret that Cartridge is probably a top five producer for me right now and thus featuring regularly on the blog. So as you can tell, March has been a great month for my personal musical appetite upon Cartridge‘s very own self released EP. CARTY001 sees the sickeningly talented producer demonstrate his versatile style across four original tracks, from the deep and heavy ‘12 Tonnes‘ and ‘Morph‘, to the gritty and dynamic sounds of ‘Artifact’. Cartridge even manages to throw in a vibrant 170bpm beauty to finish, with slick breaky percs and lighter, soothing chilled notes.

The Widdler – Venting EP (CRUCIAL028)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who was shook upon the news of The Widdler heading to Crucial Recordings. The Widdler has gained some fairly considerable notoriety over the last couple of years, pleasing thousands at festivals and shows across the US and beyond, so it came as a shock to see him land on infamous underground label Crucial Recordings. But upon the release of ‘Venting‘ EP, it turned out to be a stroke of genius by Crucial boss man Sleeper. The three tracks on CRUCIAL028 have clearly been meticulously picked and crafted by both label and producer, to form an EP perfect for the imprint. Whilst initially the powerful slaps of ‘Venting‘ and the addictive rhythm of ‘Out There‘ naturally garnered my attention, after multiple listens, it was ‘Magnetic‘, The Widdler‘s atmospheric down beat collab with ‘Smilodon‘, that I’ve found myself putting on repeat.


This one doesn’t require any introduction. Featuring potential tune of the year ‘Stay Low‘, heavyweight duo DE-TU landed on Innamind once again. Alongside their vocal lead madness of ‘Stay Low‘, the fellow two tracks either side are certainly not to be sniffed at either. The opening ‘Speak Numbers‘ is a silky smooth stunner whilst the concluding ‘Come To Play‘ brings that ten tonne De-Tu weight that we’ve all come to know and love.

Deep Dark & Dangerous Trilogy (Parts 1 & 2)

With the amount of material featuring across Deep Dark & Dangerous‘s vinyl ‘Trilogy‘ series, I couldn’t not feature it on this months Hive. Whilst I’ve found the DDD label a bit hit and miss, natural considering it’s wide reaching sounds and appeal, these compilation projects have certainly caught my attention. From Sepia to ENigma Dubz to label head honchos Truth, the compilation track list reads as a who’s who in dubstep in 2020. Taken from part one of the series, Oxossi‘s massive ‘No War‘ certainly made me sit up straight, as did Khiva‘s ‘Flight Club‘ on part two. Keep your eyes and ears open for the third and final part of DDD’s ‘Trilogy‘ series, featuring a brand new original production by the mighty Ternion Sound.

RDG – Planetary Sound Fiction EP (CV010)

With what appears to be an appreciated onslaught of brand new single and EP releases this month, it was refreshing to check out a fresh full length LP. Danish dubstep pioneer RDG came through with a debut full length on his very own growing imprint Circle Vision. Throughout the fourteen tracks that make up ‘Planetary Sound Fiction‘, RDG exercises his multifaceted capabilities reaching through areas of techno, DnB and of course dubstep through the lens of the future. The record also features a group of frighteningly high level MC’s including Rider Shafique, Killa P, K Man and Ill Chill. Not forgetting the intense poetry of Yaa Asin on ‘Channelized‘. However after a chaotic and intense thirteen track hyper-space journey, the final track ‘F#@! All Ya’ has really stuck with me. A fairly simple, moody and minimal roller but one that is effective and right up my street.

Centauri – Himuro EP

Upcoming US producer Centauri unveiled his debut vinyl EP on Overdue, following a whole host of widely revered dubs and a couple of appearances on Encrypted Audio alongside fellow west coast producer Mrshl. ‘Himuro‘ EP features three of Centauri‘s best and darkest productions with the impactful opening track ‘Komine’ being my personal favourite.

Somah – Dark Arts EP (MEDI108D)

Rising through the ranks within 140 throughout 2019, with particular attention on that mighty ‘Mercy‘ EP on Foundation Audio, Somah rightly landed on Deep Medi with a debut to remember. ‘Dark Arts‘ EP features four sub-loaded tracks made for the system. It’s eyes down until the final track ‘Binural‘, where Somah teams up with Surreal for a dance floor heater.

Drone – Flooded EP (SYSTEM)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s come to know Drone through the rowdier side of his productions, from ‘Horror’ on Sector 7 and of course the illusive ‘M416‘. However the Bristol producer took to the darker, moodier route for his debut EP on SYSTEM Music. From the trippy synths of ‘20k‘, the dark minimalism of ‘Entropy’ and the rib cage rattling title track ‘Flooded’, the EP eventually leads to it’s centre piece and future classic ‘Fear‘. But just when you think you’ve been spoilt enough, wait until you hear SP:MC‘s huge remix of ‘Fear‘. Yet another classic cameo from the UK bass music legend.

Chad Dubz – Bad Influence EP (CNCPTV003)

We all know Chad Dubz can do it all by now and if you didn’t, then allow me to introduce you to his latest eclectic plate on CNCPT Collective. ‘Bad Influence’ EP sees Chad Dubz move from the grimey ‘W.T.S.I.T‘ to the wavier ‘Drips‘, old school wubs and sub filled wobbles on the title track ‘Bad Influence‘ and finishes with the smooth, atmospheric ‘4am‘. A proper high quality left-field bass music demonstration from the super creative Bristolian.

Dread Or Dead Records – Dread Rising EP

I don’t know about you, but I still feel Dread Or Dead Records are super underrated. The Portsmouth based label proved their worth once more this month with another heavyweight compilation EP. ‘Dread Rising’ EP features eight tracks from eight talented producers, both fairly established and upcoming. Highlights for me are 1137‘s ‘Tactical‘ and Quant‘s unusual and addictive ‘Puzzlism‘. A testament to Dread Or Dead‘s flawless taste in 140.

OOTW x Hannibal Rex – Weird Climate Of Change (DRKN001)

The best thing about running this blog is witnessing the birth of the various forward-thinking, talent pushing labels. The mysterious DRKN was next up this month, coming through with some sheer teeth grinding, ear drum busting darkness as OOTW and Hannibal Rex‘s collab ‘Weird Climate Of Change‘ was brought to light. Sectra‘s single ‘Teeth Tightly Clenched’ also featured on the fledgling label not long afterwards, harnessing just as much chaos and riotous attitude as it’s predecessor.

Her’s some free downloads worth grabbing!

Mesck – Digital Dust 002

Koma – Arrival VIP

Imajika – Vanguard Of The North (IFSFD034)

Cartridge – De Zi (LOCUSFD009)

Danny Brown – Blunt After Blunt (Onhell Remix)

Amongst the difficulties with the blog crashing earlier this month, I only managed to put together two Weekly Buzzes but boy are they crackers! First I had a look at brand new Darkimh with another appearance on the prolific Infernal Sounds which can be found here and I ended the month with Alxzndr‘s beauty of an EP, ‘Golden Gate‘, courtesy of Scrub A Dub. Check that out here.

We did however enjoy a few premieres this month which can all be found here. Highlights for me were Ome‘s ‘Canarios‘ taken from his new EP on Locus Sound and Pharma‘s ‘Sudo’ taken from his latest self release featuring Sedan.

Big shouts to all the artists and labels featured on this edition of The Hive and especially to you for taking the time to check out my recommendations! Stay safe, stay at home and enjoy the tunes.

– Tom