It’s getting close to the end of the year! Let’s see who’s still getting active as 2018 draws to a close…


Cartridge – Outsider EP (CNCPT002)

Since discovering Cartridge late 2017, the young upcomer has gone from strength to strength with a release on Seige Collective, featuring on a couple of compilations and regularly teasing with plenty of dubs. His piece de resistance however comes in the form of this latest EP on Bristol label CNCPT Collective. Cartridge produces four heavy hitters full of variety and style that appears to be four of his best productions of 2018 put together for one masterful EP. It’s a solid listen throughout including the lead track ‘Outsider’, however the following tune ‘Trippy Mane‘ really hits the spot with it’s chest rattling low end underneath one of the gnarliest leading samples you’ll hear all year! Some weird manic bird sounding shit apparently does it for me.



Samba – Shift

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has found Samba becoming one of my go to favourites over the last couple of years. Ever since hearing him first on Crucial Recordings, I don’t think I’ve heard a bad tune from the guy. His latest offering saw him go it alone with a self released EP available to download from his bandcamp. Throughout the four tracks Samba goes pure Jekyl and Hyde with ‘STRIPES’ and ‘YELLOW’, a couple of smooth low key trappy beats then flipping the vibe with two blood curdling experimental bangers ‘LICKLICKLICK’ and particularly on the menacing ‘SSSINSSS’ as he proves his versatility and expertise on the buttons.



TMSV – Zoned Out EP (WPR036)

I think most would agree that it’s never not a pleasure to listen to TMSV‘s work. Constantly innovating, constantly switching up the styles, it was no different for his latest EP on the wicked White Peach Records who’s had a fantastic 2018. TMSV gets stupidly groovy for ‘Zoned Out EP‘, focusing on plenty of jazzy sounds and rhythms across four tracks. Although whilst experimenting on the groovy end, the Dutchman manages to throw in some golden age old school vibes particularly on ‘Olifant’ and ‘Killing Season‘ that at times provide a sombre interlude. Don’t let the track ‘No Soul‘ throw you off as that cut and release as a whole is as soulful as a dubstep record can get.



Chief Kaya – Underground EP (VCEP023)

Through the label’s relentless release schedule (averaging one EP per month), I’ve inevitably found some of Version Collective‘s releases going under the radar as of late. However upon listening to this EP from Chief Kaya, his debut on the imprint, it was an instant bag. Five heavy sound system destroying beats are what’s on offer including three brand new original belters from the Tennessee native and a couple of collaborations with VC resident SBK and the labels head honcho himself Drew’s Theory.



VA – DUPLOC Selects – Chapter One (DUPLOCLP001)

It goes without saying DUPLOC has been killing it with the projects this year, growing from a well run blog to a leading label, it’s been great to follow. Between regular download releases from the likes of Ternion Sound and Rygby, the label delved into their first vinyl release featuring Hebbe. But it is this latest instalment that really impresses. Probably one of the most thought out compilations I’ve come across for a while, DUPLOC has curated a total of ten tracks from some of the best in the game including a long time favourite of mine Juss B, a new favourite Zygos and a killer collab from Feonix and A:Grade. It’s always nice to purchase a full album like this and not be able to pick out a single bad track, getting every last penny’s worth.






Other releases I’ve been feeling this month…


Chad Dubz – Addicts EP (BOKA050)

I’m ashamed to say that Bristol producer Chad Dubz has always managed to fall under the radar for me. However following his previous EP on Sub Audio in the summer, I no longer have that issue. His latest offering ‘Addicts EP‘ on Boka Records doesn’t disappoint as once again Chad Dubz proves his mastery of combining foundation sounds with the more contemporary vibes. That being said, his next release on Dub Sector is not to be missed! ‘Reptilian Bitch‘ finally gets its release on the 14th December.



Sukh Knight – Moonrunner EP (DAKU001)

Long time in the game, Sukh Knight finally got his own label up and running by releasing two long awaited dubs plus a remix by fellow veteran Kromestar. Whilst the flip ‘Paid Off‘ might be a bit too rowdy for me, the A-side ‘Moonrunner’ is definitely a more appealing deeper minimal cut. Kromestar steps in on the remix adding his own classic rougher sounds into the mix whilst increasing the power of that throbbing bass line.



Nights – Black Market Anthems – Volume One (NSX005)

London producer Nights brought four heavyweight cuts to vinyl on his exclusive NSX imprint this month. Not for the first time, the Londoner superbly balances grime and dubstep in perfect harmony similar to favourites such as Drone and Boofy. The records’ leading track ‘License To Kill‘ in particular is an absolute shut down tune that I’m sure has lead to the record selling out in most outlets.



My free download picks from this month –

Duckem – Bad Catnip


Darkimh – Boom


Khiva – Nightmares



Finally, don’t forget the releases that have featured in the Weekly Buzz’s this month.

Minneapolis trio Ternion Sound came through once again with more fire, debuting on Artikal Music. Check out the monster ‘Parasite EPhere.
ZHA finally let loose one of the tunes of the year for me, ‘Mumbai‘ on his exclusive label NAAN. Check it out here.
I did a little write up on Manuka Records‘ first release, a multi genre, multi producer EP. However it’s unfortunately gone missing from the blog. It’s a solid first release for any record label so definitely check that out if you haven’t already over on the Manuka Records Bandcamp.

Big shouts to all the artists and labels that featured on this months Hive and especially to you for taking the time to check out some of my recommendations!