The Hive has been missing for a couple of months. As someone who writes this blog by themselves, it can be tricky to get an extensive post like this uploaded amongst everything else. However following some crazy releases, I must put something together to express my appreciation for the music this month! Here’s a brief run down of what I’ve been feeling in October that I wasn’t able to feature elsewhere.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be tweaking the format of The Hive to make it more manageable for myself and easier to digest for you guys.

Hi5ghost & Saule – CXT002

Sicaria Sound‘s latest project, Cutcross Recordings, began with a body of heaters earlier this year, featuring genre crossing producers E3 Breaks, LUCY, Sir Rah and an unknown treat. The label returned with it’s sophomore release this month, bringing together Bristol’s Hi5ghost and Californian buddy, Saule. Both producers bring their usual fire with their own individual quirks. Hi5ghost presents the rough yet wavy grime inflections of ‘Long Way Home‘, followed by Saule firing off my favourite, ‘Affliction‘, an absolute monstrous creation. On the flip, the pair undertake a remix on each other’s productions. Hi5ghost puts his spin on Saule‘s stomper, ‘Lockscrew‘, with Saule himself concluding the record with his remix of Hi5ghost‘s ‘Breathe‘, a perfect percussive demonstration.

Thelem – Analogic EP

Thelem entered the spotlight for the first time this year, returning with a characteristically huge EP, ‘Analogic‘. Thelem has been around long enough for us to know what to expect but somehow, with each appearance, the guy seems to squeeze more colour and chaos onto his tracks like an explosive tube of neon paint. Across the four tracks we experience more of Thelem‘s crazy synth lines and unrelenting energy, including a dangerous collab with ONHELL. Though the spooky title track ‘Analogic‘, the collaborative ‘Causatum‘ and the wet and wild ‘Akemie’s Dub‘ are absolute heaters in their own respect, you won’t be surprised to find that ‘Sweets‘ is my pick of the four; deep and minimal in contrast to Thelem‘s usual unyielding energy, super thick with an intoxicating, atmospheric intro and mid section.

DUPLOC Selects Chapter Three

Out of everything DUPLOC has accomplished over the years, from the prolific digital releases to the ‘Dupplates‘ series, ‘DUPLOC Selects‘ must stand as their holy grail project. The penultimate instalment, ‘Chapter Three‘, shines a light on yet another cast of super talented producers from across the globe, each contributing some of their finest creations. From Mungk‘s moody Sahara banger ‘Sand‘ to Opus‘ emotive ‘Voice‘, the ten track release continues with an assortment of cutting edge tunes that demonstrates the diverse nature of 2020 Dubstep in it’s entirety. There’s far too many names to mention here but for me, I’ve been reaching for Woven Thorns‘ cut throat ‘Hidden Blade‘ and Arkham Sound‘s destructive banger, ‘Fist Of God’.

Commodo – Stakeout EP (ACRE085)

The notorious Commodo returned to Black Acre Records following the masterful ‘Loan Shark’ earlier this year. As the proverbial sequel to ‘Loan Shark‘, ‘Stakeout‘ continues where it left off; rattling along the dusty, deserted highways of the wild west. We’re treated to three more of Commodo‘s masterful conceptions. From the moody, night stalking punches of the title track to the more experimental, industrial sound designs of ‘Transit‘, where Commodo‘s unique approach to sampling and his subtle nuances are on full display. Especially throughout the concluding ‘Crooked Law‘, an intensified finale, the thicker of the three with a throbbing, all consuming low end and ominous details lurking beneath.

Ternion Sound – Far North Dubs EP (ARTKL052)

US Dubstep super group, Ternion Sound, dipped into their never-ending bag of flawless material for a debut on yet another prolific label, Artikal Music. ‘Far North Dubs‘ EP bears four top tier tunes in their own right, whilst displaying the wide ranging sounds of the Ternion gang. ‘The 14th’ opens as Ternion‘s trademark tune, stacked with their instantly recognisable stomping low frequency designs and addictive flow, before finally unleashing the highly sought after VIP of ‘Parasite Six‘. On the fully loaded b-side, Ternion Sound flips the script with the groovy ‘Smoke Em Out‘, harking back to their instant classic ‘Know Thy Self‘ (DDD060) earlier this year. The EP concludes with it’s title track as the trio strips everything back, taking influence from the minimal sounds of the golden age.

3WA – Bronca EP (FAV018)

It’s always an exciting time when Foundation Audio returns with fresh material and thankfully, it’s become more often and more prevalent over recent months. FA has really gotten into the groove in 2020, achieving an impressive roster of producers who could be fairly charged with carrying the authentic sounds of Dubstep into today’s ever changing trends. For the latest instalment, Foundation Audio welcomes back Portugal’s leading dubstep light 3WA, the Cristiano Ronaldo of Dubstep, who returns after an appearance on Ego Death‘s release earlier last month (FA048). Spanning four tracks, 3WA gives a masterclass in buttery bassline madness, brain melting textures and inventive percs. ‘Bronca‘ is both a devastating and hypnotic opener with the following ‘Old Mount‘ being just as mesmeric with it’s trippy, metallic textures. On the flip, my percy, ‘Bloody Mess‘ enables 3WA to fire off devastating 808’s, slick vocal licks and peculiar melody, before closing with the militant, percussion focused ‘Worms‘, that slyly grows in equal parts funk and eccentricity to it’s end.

Teffa – ALBION013

London’s latest Dubstep prodigy Teffa, showcases his OG/contemporary crossover sounds, invading yet another label lucky enough to harbour his latest, highly sought after heaters, Albion Collective. For ALBION013, Teffa continues his insane output and indulges in more devastating bass weight pressure, with nods to the golden generations whilst garnering the creative nuances of the contemporary. Teffa immediately dials up the heat with ‘Toastin‘, garnering bottomless sub low pressure, a track so large, it dominates the A-side and that’s without mentioning the lethal second drop. On the flip, Teffa basks in more outrageous low end movements through the abrasive ‘Luna‘ and darker corners of ‘Gelato‘. It’s his forte, it’s what we’ve come to expect but each and every time, he manages to astound and has me coming back for more.

Senncoria – The Myth EP (UA041)

With some big names included on this month’s round-up, it’s only right I shine a light on those on the rise. Following my discovery of Senncoria late last year, the Manchester based creative has certainly increased the output on both the DJ and producing front. The hard work paid off this month with a debut on the honourable Uprise Audio. ‘The Myth‘ EP features a five track long journey through dark, untrodden deserts of the Middle East, including a fully loaded string intro. From the shimmering tones of ‘Pharaoh‘, Senncoria journeys deeper into the midnight desert with mysterious voices of ‘Shiva‘ and ‘Kali Ma‘ breaking through the volatile low end that’s baked into Senncoria‘s growing sound. The pilgrimage is brought to it’s climax as we come face to face with ‘Hastur‘, aggressive and monolithic, the tension outlines the suffocation of the being’s tentacles. The ambient mid-section throws one into a false sense of security before falling back into the overwhelming grip of the cthulu for kingdom come.
As it transpires, the sounds of Senncoria and ‘The Myth‘ EP is a perfect fit for the Uprise Audio label!

Free Downloads…

Beatsforbeaches – Yard Dance

Whudi – Offering (D.O.D FREE)

Ourman – Sol

OOTW – Occulism (SM028)

As always, I highly recommend that you check out the Weekly Buzzes and HNYBSS Premieres that featured throughout the month.
Kodama came through with a big debut on one of my favourite labels, Subaltern Records. Featuring a mighty collab with LX One, SUBALT026 isn’t to be slept on. Check it out here.
Lampa continued his quest for a deep space takeover on Instigate Recordings in the form of ‘Celestial‘ EP. You can check that out here as well as the premiere of the title track.
And the final WB of the month went to the inauguration of Basskruit, a brand new project headed by Hebbe and DUPLOC‘s Pieter Grauwels. BSSKRT001 featured two long awaited collaborative tunes between Sweepa and Tosti, plus remixes from Hebbe, TMSV and Requake. Check out BSSKRT001 here.

More HNYBSS Premieres landed on the Soundcloud feed which you can check out here.

Big shouts to all the artists and labels featured on this edition of The Hive and especially to you for taking the time to check out my recommendations! Stay safe and enjoy the music.

– Tom