The Honey & Bass Halloween Podcast – October 2021

Fall into the darkness with this Halloween edition of The Honey & Bass Podcast! As always, to soundtrack your Halloween weekend, I’ve dug deep for some of my favourite dark cuts. At just under an hour, there’s unreleased material from some of my current favourites, a couple of older tunes that still haunt me to this day, plus some spooky forthcomings from the likes of Thuja on Obsidian and a track from 11th Hour‘s new Bandcamp release, ‘Momentum‘. Happy Halloween!


Basura – Through The Tunnel
Unkey – Deceived (Rockstone Remix)
Nahlith – ???
Duckem – Spinal’s Army
Dub Phizix – Marka (Cel Bootleg)
Doomsday – Reactor
Sectra – Reaching Forward
Karnage & MarkIV – Vena (Deafblind Remix)
Thuja – Welcome To The Party
Leo Cap – Mr. Rough
Tinky – Odin
Ninety & EKSTR – Pew Pew Pew
Substrada – Urdak
Basura – Seen A Ghost
Distance – Scratch The Surface
Unkey – That Sound
11th Hour – Momentum
Kairo – In The Beyond
Sister Mary – Edges Of The Earth Ft. Ghast
Basura – Plain Intent
Mesck – Hidden Chain
Ghast – Whippit Soundbath
Verum – Tear Through Insides
Tinky – Interphone (Cel Remix)
Gnasha – Sullen
??? – ???

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