The Honey & Bass Podcast – December 2020 *End Of Year Special*

If there is one positive thing that can be taken from this doom ridden year, it’s the quality of music that’s been produced! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just beginning your exploration in the multifaceted world of Dubstep and 140, I don’t think there’s ever been a better time to be involved. The quality is better than I’ve ever experienced, the consistency is almost overwhelming and the growing breadth of sound feels boundless. Furthermore, it’s never been so accessible especially with the likes of Bandcamp pushing independent music with their fee free Fridays, supporting artists who have missed out on so much this year, unable to play all of these incredible tunes live. I know it’s only little old me here on Honey & Bass but I hope someone out there has found my coverage useful, interesting, entertaining or better still, opened your eyes to this incredible, unique genre of bass music. If so, please stick around for next year!

The final podcast of the year is an extended two hour special, celebrating all the amazing tunes we’ve been blessed with this year! Plenty of anthems, widely revered bangers and also some of my personal, lesser known favourites that you still may not be familiar with. I’m not one for choosing favourites, that’s practically impossible, but I wouldn’t have been able to put together such a mix without the huge tunes that the likes of Ternion Sound, Cartridge, ColtCuts and Teffa have captivated me with this year!

Every track in this mix is available to buy right now. So cop them if you like them!

– Tom


Ternion Sound – Know Thyself
Subtle Mind & The Greys – Badland
Sleeper & Youngsta – Iridescence
Gnasha & Grizo – Bunker
Beatsforbeaches – Whoo
Taiko – Slingshot Dub
Kanomotis – Glavobol
Xakra & Klpipee – Circles Ft. Ill Chill
Cartridge – Homeland
Retina – No Fear I
Sabab – System Skank
Beatsforbeaches – Powerful Thing
11th Hour – Armoured
Karnage & Rider Shafique – Hardened Hearts
Distance – Beyond Isolation
Tetrad – Outpost 31
Mesck – Diamond Dust
Oddkut – The Ghastly Grinner
ColtCuts – Skrrrt
Bukez Finezt – Eradicate Mankind
Phossa – Drones (LX One Remix)
Saule – Affliction
The Widdler – Venting
Maes – 45 In The Chamber
Sedan & Pharma – Dizzy
Traces – Psychopath Ft. D£DW8
Ninety – Ambi
Soukah – Take Opium With Me At A Special Place
Imajika – Unti Pundi
Kami-O – Yonda
WZ – Dreamin
Juss B – Sandman (Ourman Remix)
Gizasa – Ali Baba’s Dub
Von D – Chestlick
DPRTNDRP & De-Tu – Ambush
Ome – Rollin
Teffa – Gelato
Rakjay & Logan – Know From We
Glume & Phossa – Black Sun
Cimm – Grape Lime Ricky
Cartridge – Cashmere (Lord Jabu Remix)
Glume – Thornz
Deadcrow – Scrape
DJ Squarewave & LX One – Cali Cartel
Woven Thorns – From Grace
ColtCuts – The Vihaan VIP
Hypho – Revenge Porn
Cartridge – Iron Lung
Ourman – Looking Out (SBK Remix)
Teffa & Moss – Advance
Proove – Leaking
Maes – Flippy Neck
Ternion Sound – The 14th
RDG – F#@! All Ya
Rygby & Samba – OOM.
Opus – This Damn Feeling
Sepia – Voodoo
Primer & Soukah – Distant

If you’re a producer and have beats you’d think would fit in the podcasts, do send them over! Dubstep/Trap/HipHop/Grime even Half-Time stuff, I wanna hear it and most likely play it. Send music via Soundcloud or email [email protected].

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