The Honey & Bass Podcast – December 2021 [PART ONE]

The end of the year is upon us once again, so it’s time to reflect on yet another stacked twelve months of 140 carnage! This years end of year special comes in two parts, where I run through a heap of tunes that has sound tracked my year throughout two one hour sessions. This first instalment features thirty of some of my most played tunes this year, be it a track that has been at the head of releases and the scene in general or those that have flown under the radar. Highlights for me include DE-TÜ and Nova both featuring on Infernal Sounds, Quasar and Arkham Sound both on Foundation Audio, 3WA and Cartridge both featuring on Subaltern Records, Unkey on Uprise Audio and Hebbe on Basskruit. Every tune in this mix is out now so if you like it, cop it! And there’s plenty more where that came from with part two arriving in a week’s time! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and enjoy!


Cimm – Accendino (SYSTEM039)
Ourman – Namárië (WPR054)
Khanum – Bun Politician (IFSDIGI004)
DE-TÜ – Roadblock (IFS029)
Oddkut & Ninety – Gundalo (WHEELYDEALY074)
Yoofee- Seek & Move (ALBION014)
Teffa – Attention (LEM003)
Leftlow – Whispers (JUAN004)
Nahlith – Eclipse (FKxF005)
Unkey & Mistah – Freak (UA042)
Jamo – Formula (LDH013)
11th Hour – Awaken (ADMEP014)
Hypho Ft. Megumi – Sufferin’ (DDD076)
Gnasha – Sullen (FOTO013)
Dedicut – Grey (LDH009)
Nova – Single Fuse (IFS027)
Hijinx – Venom (NC015)
Hebbe – Low Land Dub (BSSKRT007)
Ramsez – She Dirty (DDD078)
Quasar – Submersible (FAV019)
3WA – Slimy (SUBALT028)
Saanen – Told Ya (786X003)
Substrada Ft. Riko Dan – Calibre VIP (FKOFV006)
Ternion Sound – 422 (BANDCAMP)
ENiGMA Dubz – Silverback (DUPLOC050)
Cartridge – Sweet Doughs (SUBALT027)
Mythm – Technique (ARTKLD005)
Arkham Sound – Gravediggaz (FA055)
Distance – Sacrifices (DUPLOC040)
Two Rangers – I’ve Seen Things (BANDCAMP)

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