The Honey & Bass Podcast – February 2019

I’ve been determined to get this months podcast in so here it is, only a day late!  Off the cuff I was sure to play all the new releases from the likes of Distance, OUTOFTHEWIRE and an couple of tracks from the vrilliant ‘Buried’ EP by Glume & Phossa. Plus fresh cuts from the likes of B-say and Skint Disco!


Jai Tee – Back To Basics
B-Say – Lost Control
Traces – Odds
07-Kidz-Dubz – Pau
Tinky – Davus (Pharma Remix)
Glume & Phossa – Pariah
Ourman – Rigging
B-Say – Cocytus
Distance – Setting Scores
Beats4Beaches – Mazar
Hebbe – Numina
Khonsu – Thuggin
Shu & Dalek One – Mumble Dub (Dalek One VIP)
Pharma & Nosq – Tajit Equations
Sole – Dumb This Down (Mesck Bootleg)
Distance – Awaken
Roklem & Sebalo – Resistance
Kodama – One Too Many
Alienmade – U Lied
Glume & Phossa – Tusk
Skint Disco – Debts
Nosq & Kali – Hollow Eyes
OUTOFTHEWIRE – Back Drop Trojan
DubDiggerz – Dark Dawn (Mob Killa Remix)
Clearlight – Stuck Inside
Zygos – Sudd (DPRTNDRP Remix)
Repulsion – Damn Them
Pugilist – Pheremone

If you’re a producer and have beats you’d think would fit in the podcasts, do send them over! Dubstep/Trap/HipHop/Grime even Half-Time stuff, I wanna hear it and most likely play it. Send Music via Soundcloud or email

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