The Honey & Bass Podcast – July 2020

Although the blog has been fairly quiet this month considering it’s usual activity, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been paying attention! Enjoy another hour of my favourite releases from the last few weeks and older favourites. Featuring new SWR on Infernal Sounds, older LSN on Albion Collective and self released bits from the likes of Cartridge, Gisaza and 11th Hour.


Max Profit – Calm (Zygos Remix)
Unkey – Deceived
Cartridge – Charcoal
Bukez Finezt – False Friends
Surreal & Somah – Gibberish VIP
WZ – Dreamin
JFO – Myth
Juss B – Sandman
SWR – Isshin’s Theme
Distance – Beyond Isolation
LSN – I Don’t Know What That Means
DBL Negative – Sound Off
Gisaza – Joko’s Call
Ome – Azul
7Kidz – Strangler
Gnasha – Glaze
Phossa -Lotus
Pharma – Mal Intent
Nima – Killaz
11th Hour – Uncharted
Constrict – Geng
Beatsforbeaches – Bugging
Blazid – Communicator Dub
Lord Jabu – Buccaneer
Cartridge – Crisp
EVA808 – Wake Up
SWR – Vertigo
Oddkut – It’s Alive
Ninety – Negative
Nova – Noughts & Crosses (Dayzero Remix)
Lichen – Distant Dreams

If you’re a producer and have beats you’d think would fit in the podcasts, do send them over! Dubstep/Trap/HipHop/Grime even Half-Time stuff, I wanna hear it and most likely play it. Send music via Soundcloud or email [email protected].

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