The Honey & Bass Podcast – May 2021

It’s time for another podcast! Been spoilt for choice this month, so much good stuff both released and forthcoming. But as per usual, I’ve mainly reached for some absolute favourites that were released this month or not too long ago, plus some unreleased bits and forthcoming. Favourites include Unkey on Uprise Audio, Arkham Sound on Badman Studios and Khanum on Infernal Sounds.


AKASHIK – Eye For An Eye
Arkham Sound – Unknown Force
ENiGMA Dubz – The Cosmos
Unkey & Mistah – Freak
Khanum – Blizzard
11th Hour – Sacrosanct
Subtle Mind – Str8 Discreet
DPRTNDRP – Underwater
Legion – We Are Many
Unkey – Leng
Visages – Dark Guru
Khanum – Spiral
Ramsez -She Dirty
Oxossi – Wyldin
Dalek One – Crackin Codes
Hypho & Rakjay – Kushty
Arkham Sound – Pirate Dub
Hypho Ft. Slowie – Dust Of The Devil
KRSLD – Motion
Cartridge – Control
Khandroma – Hera
Goth Trad – Invasion
Verum – Locomotive
Teffa – Crooks
Breez – Tetraphobia
Ome – Better Stay Home
DBL Negative – Middlemen
Beatsforbeaches – Saxon Tribute
Saanen – Rukkus
Trisicloplox – Siphon Soul
Hella & Logan – Chattings

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