The Honey & Bass Halloween Podcast – October 2018

So doing a ‘Halloween special’ was a last minute decision hence the last minute upload. I had a full podcast sorted with all the latest releases as per usual, however I just fancied doing a mix consciously picking out the spookiest of beats perfect for this time of year (still with some new bits included). For the majority, I naturally reached for material from my favourite labels; Crucial Recordings, Encrypted Audio and new stuff from Rarefied and Locus Sound.

DISCLAIMER – Apologies for that god awful Loefah/Hebbe double drop. As already mentioned, it’s a very last minute mix that I wanted to get done by the 31st and done on the fly! Hopefully you find enjoyment in the rest of the hour!

If you’re a producer and have got beats you’d think would fit in the podcasts, do send them over! Dubstep/Trap/HipHop/Grime even Half-Time stuff, I wanna hear it and most likely play it. Send music via the Honey & Bass Soundcloud or email


DREVM – Murder House
LFK – Stonecutter
Samba & Chokez – Ghastly
Sibla & Zygos – Sigil
Ceramics – Contact
Mesck – Psychodrama
Darkimh – Eclipse (Malleus Remix)
Mesck – Doomsayer (Busted Fingerz Remix)
Sleeper – Le Goonz
Wreckage Dubs – Buried Alive
DREVM – American Horror
Hypho – Rotten Milk
Six Chakra – Distress Signal
SkintDisco – Type Zero VIP
Samba – Blister
LFK – Chained
Hebbe – Mad Hatter
Loefah – Horror Show
Mesck – Jonny Are You A Ghost?
Samba – Chatterz
Dopel – Dimensions
DubDiggerz – Dark Dawn
Sibla & Zygos – The Path
ADub x Darkraqqen x Mani – Exacerbation
Soukah x Primer x TAR – Rost
Flowdan – Horror Show Style (Sleeper Remix)
Zygos & Soukah – Late Night Escort
Nosq – A Day On The Market
Primer – Untitled

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Instagram – @honeyandbass