The Honey & Bass Podcast – September 2018

The return of the monthly podcast has certainly been over due. But fear not, I’ve got my act together and recorded a 90 minute special consisting of fresh music that has been released over the summer (since my last podcast in April) and also featuring some older bits I’ve picked up on and feeling recently. I tried to get it as varied as I comfortably could, few grimey bits, a little trap interlude and plenty of deep dark 140.

If you’re a producer and have got beats you’d think would fit in the podcasts, do send them over! Dubstep/Trap/HipHop/Grime even Half-Time stuff, I wanna hear it and most likely play it. Send music via the Honey & Bass Soundcloud or email


Rapture 4D – Levitation
Namaste – Pessimystic
Nova – Slippin And Slidin
Samba – 23
Duke & Beanzo – Get It Today
Opus – Methodist
Hebbe – Yare
Mesck – Doomsayer
Oxossi – Against The Hemlock
Sleeper – Greenz
Gawd – Tempest
Ternion Sound – Hopeless
Saule & DPRTNDRP – Gorilla Glue
Mesck & Kali – Ill Behaviour
A$AP Rocky – Distorted Records (Mindset Remix)
Dub Diggerz – Bogu
Hebbe – B-Side
Ternion Sound – Significant Dub
LX One – Hidden Shadow
Darkraqqen & Soukah – 666666
Parrotice – Humble Flip
Cosmic – Lost Path
Carnage x Lil Pump – iShyne (brothel.KIN Remix)
Genesis x Suggs x MPiece – ???
4LX Beats – Still Cookin
A:Grade & Juss B – Done Deal
Peekaboo – Arrival
AxH – Tokyo
Skint Disco – Issa
Karnage – Prog Knife
Skint Disco – Suffer
Khiva – Fresh Cut Love
Mesck – Psychodrama
Ramsez – Jaywalkin
LFK – Bleaker
Zygos & Soukah – Late Night Escort
Opus – Ascending

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Instagram – @HoneyAndBass