The Honey & Bass Podcast – September 2020

The end of the month rolls around once again and with that, a brand new mix! Sixty minutes of the latest releases I’ve been feeling over the last month and beyond. Featuring new music from Beatsforbeaches on both Artikal Music and Dread Or Dead Records, new Maes on Navy Cut, Woven Thorns on Locus Sound, a trio of tracks taken from the FatKidOnFire ten year compilation and loads more!


Opus – Day & Age
Bukez Finezt – The Machine
ColtCuts – Skrrrt
Roklem – Forged (Distance Remix)
Beatsforbeaches – Tunnel
Sweepa & Tosti – Kopsoot
Rockstone – Almighty
Krook – Jesus, Lady!
Feonix – Things I Say
Woven Thorns – From Grace
Hitman – End Of The Dream
Ninety – Shaker
Soukah – Take Opium With Me At A Special Place
Woven Thorns – Divine Violence
Ninety – Knife Dance
Pharma – Cobalt
Schim – Dwang
Hi5Ghost – Breath (Saule Remix)
Proove – Leaking
Beatsforbeaches – Whoo
Zygos – Skankertje
Maes – Flippy Neck
Unkey – Decieved (Rockstone Remix)
Phossa – Drones (LX One Remix)
Kodama & LX One – Cronauer
Saule – Affliction
Cartridge – Stubble
Tik & Borrow – Uman (Ramsez Remix)
11th Hour – Reflections

If you’re a producer and have beats you’d think would fit in the podcasts, do send them over! Dubstep/Trap/HipHop/Grime even Half-Time stuff, I wanna hear it and most likely play it. Send music via Soundcloud or email [email protected].

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