The Honey & Bass Showcase – December 2022 [PART TWO]

Being ill over the holiday period may have meant I had to sacrifice the usual end of year type content but there was no way I’d be saying goodbye to 2022 without a couple of sessions! This year’s end of year special comes in two parts, where I run through a heap of tunes that has sound tracked my year. This second instalment features more of my most played tunes this year, be it a track that has been at the head of releases and the scene in general or those that have flown under the radar. Part two includes weapons from SubstradaWidow and Chef Boyarbeatz plus the VIP banger of the year courtesy of Hamdi!

Disclaimer – There may be a couple of 2021 tunes in there without me realising at the time, but I’m not getting too hung up on that haha.


Soukah – Calling Ghosts (DD004)
Headland – Roamer (SYSTM042)
J:Kenzo – Astral Traveller (ARTKL050)
Widow Ft. Logan – War (DDD0097)
Substrada – Brocky (LOCUS021)
11th Hour – Vicious (DUPLOCXX002)
Chef Boyarbeatz – Steady Slurkin’ (DDD096)
Chef Boyarbeatz – Run It (DUPLOCXX002)
Mythm – Technique (ARTKLD005)
Mesck & Woven Thorns – Hidden Enemy (DDD100)
Sentient – Splint (FA063)
Pharma – Ohoka (Quasar Remix) (FAV020)
City1 & Substance (DDD100)
Widow – Dark Selekta (DUPLOCXX001)
Gnasha – Obedience (FRVA01)
Mystic State Ft. Jack-Flynn Oakley – Blinded (ARTKL060)
Lofty & Ourman – Foretold (WPR059)
Cartridge – Sweetheart (DDD092)
Hypho – Muharib Skank (WHEELYDEALY080)
Visages – MK Ultra (ONEF049)
Dalek One – Crackin’ Codes (Bandcamp)
ColtCuts – 1645% (WHEELYDEALY082)
Leo Cap – Stunning (NC016)
Kusmo & Substrada – Wump (FKOFV008)
Hijinx – Shush (ONEF042S1)
Hamdi – Skanka VIP (Bandcamp)
Ome – Raw (SUBALT029)
Tinky – Dead Language (BOKADIGI1)
Bodie – Camp (MAC Remix) (NWSC011)
Volume A – By The Order (DOD012)
Unkey – Shake (ARTKL061)
ØZ – AK-47 (D-BLK002)
Hypho – Moody Marge (WHEELDEALY080)

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