The Honey & Bass Showcase – May 2022

I might not have been as active as I’d like to be lately, but that doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention! As always I’m grateful for those who continue to send me tunes whether you’re a producer or label and there was plenty to choose from this month once again! This instalment includes new music from Soukah on Cutcross Recordings, Nahlith on D-BLK and I play this entirety of the new triple threat EP from 11th Hour, Substrada and EKSTR.


JAMZIGG – Shogun
Hypho – Gone Past (The Widdler Remix)
7Kidz – Dead End
11th Hour – Decipher
Soukah – Don’t Care
Moonstones – Yen Pox
Nahlith – Half Full
Saraphim – 12th Chamber
Ourman – Emergence
Substrada – Space Shrooms
Qilin – Social Meida
Tinky – Dead Language
Spectre – Chain On
Grawinkel – The Future
Substrada – Predator Flow
EKSTR & Ninety – Blend
Tinky – Totemz
Digital Vagabond & Khu – Blacksite
J:Knezo – Astral Traveller
Wolf’d – Doubt
Dalek One – Roll Through
Basura & Dalek One – Exacerbated
EKSTR – Stutter
Shu & Dalek One – Mumble Dub (Pharma Remix)
Oxossi – Cranky
ØZ – Fortune
Lofty – Asakusa
Hella – Terra

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, if you make music like this, I wanna hear it! Send your music via Soundcloud or email [email protected].

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