The Weekly Buzz – 01/03/2021

I always remain conscious of spreading the coverage evenly on Honey & Bass to showcase as many producers as possible, but this can be difficult when you’ve got absolute sickos like Ninety firing his outrageous sounds all over the place! The Russian prodigy joins fellow countryman Oddkut this week, who returns to Wheel & Deal following his devilish ‘Wonderland’ EP last October. Both Oddkut and Ninety are on absolute fire right now and for them to combine should simply be illegal, so it’s no wonder N-Type and the Wheel & Deal crew picked up these two deadly weapons from the duo for their latest must cop instalment.

My spine is only just recovering from the first time I heard ‘Gundalo‘ some time ago. Like Dubstep’s answer to David Blaine, those rough death defying sub stomps and skull cracking percs often hypnotise, finding yourself in a paralyzed daze of amazement whilst unknowingly swinging your neck like a sledgehammer. It’s sister track, ‘Earthquake‘, opens up the space somewhat, a space filled with a variety of obscure, delayed SFX and abrasive throbbing distortion. The duo explicitly flex their creativity on this one, be it from the dexterous sound palette or the switching patterns, it’s a dark dancefloor weapon with shut down capabilities.

There’s nothing much else that can be said about this pairing, a sound so large and unique, there’s a reason why they’ve found a home on Wheel & Deal and why we’ll continue to see them breaking necks throughout 2021. I’m off to get myself an ice pack.

Oddkut X Ninety EP is out 05/03/2021 and available to download from the Wheel & Deal Bandcamp.

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