The Weekly Buzz – 04/02/2019

Following a resurgence of the blog’s fledgling label last year with releases from Mesck and DubDiggerz, TRUSIK make their first mark on 2019 with a brand new EP from Melbourne maverick Pugilist. Already an accomplished producer in his own right with releases on Artikal Music and ZamZam Sounds, the Aussie adds to the catalogue with this four track, genre bending EP ‘Chrysalis‘.

From the meditative dance floor friendly roller ‘Truncated Kicks‘ to the slow burning atmospheric sounds of ‘Reformation‘, Pugilist utilises his extensive sound design skills to create four tracks that touch on areas of dubstep, dub and techno. This is displayed in full effect throughout the EP’s title track ‘Chrysalis‘. Pugilist blends the darker, more eccentric sounds that can be found in dubstep with the intensity and rolling patterns of techno, formed by fierce 4×4 bass driven kicks and open hats. The most energetic track on the release.
On the other end of the spectrum and similar to ‘Reformation‘, the EP closes with another mesmeric ethereal production and my favourite of the four, ‘Pheremone‘. It’s half step rhythm and vibrant yet esoteric chord stabs lines the track up closer to some of the music regularly featured on the blog and being on more of a laid back flex, it’s a track I’ll find myself going back to.

When it comes to the crunch, techno influenced music is not usually my cup of tea. However what Pugilist does so well on this release is over the unmistakable techno driven beats and patterns, he adds thick foggy atmospheres and darker soundscapes that may usually be found in the dubstep world, and throws these elements into the boiling pot to create intense floor thumping tunes, perfect for any bass orientated dance.

TRUSIK005 is out this Friday (8th February) and available on vinyl here.

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