The Weekly Buzz – 05/07/2021

Since 2019, Texas imprint WiddFam have taken the American dubstep bull by the horns and guided it in a direction that supports a host of producers that may have otherwise remained under the radar, and thus continued to grow a thriving scene! From the rowdy and the colourful to the deep and dark, WiddFam have welcomed such diversity to the label and continue to do so this week with a new EP from upcoming NYC producer, Wolf’d. Alongside three Wolf’d originals, ‘Cursed‘ EP features an evil collaboration with SerpentEyes and remixes from returning Fam members, Lacu and Verum, all of which cover the fundamentals for a raucous 140 celebration!

The opening ‘Cursed‘ is a ferocious preface; an onslaught of bass driven distortion, broken briefly by effective breaks and percussion that frequents the release. After Wolf’d ignites a raging inferno on ‘Cursed‘, the fire and fury continues on ‘Schmaltz‘, featuring fellow US producer, SerpentEyes. A sinister capsule of darkness and aggression, the roughest of bass designs growl incessantly whilst delay and reverb elsewhere paints out a stark environment, abandoning you in a desolate midnight woodland and faced with a snarling wolf protecting it’s territory.
Next up, ‘Misinformed‘ initially gives us a look into Wolf’d‘s minimal edge, although like the bewildering world of misinformation, you don’t know which way to turn as it continues to evolve. From the sub stomps to the shape shifting breaks, it never settles. The onslaught continues with the slap-happy and rapidly flappy low end of ‘The Bimini Road’ and then the gut wrenching throbs of ‘Ego Tripping‘ rings out Wolf’d‘s solo efforts, before we’re faced with the two mighty remixes. Repping the UK, Lacu takes on ‘Misinformed‘, generating distinct textures and scintillating synths before Verum‘s take on ‘The Bimini Road‘ attains the aggressive Wolf’d sound whilst injecting his own magical depth and devilry, one that has quickly become a personal favourite!

There’s a few great releases out this week that I’m sure I’ll touch on elsewhere but when new names literally explode onto the radar like Wolf’d has done with ‘Cursed‘ EP, it must be highlighted and appreciated! His WiddFam debut is certainly eventful, full of fury and depth, from the relentless bass designs to the crazy distinctive breaks. Like a lot of WiddFam material, ‘Cursed‘ is an EP that’ll hype up heads from across the spectrum so whatever your taste, make sure you support an emerging talent and take face-melting pleasure in joining the emergence early.

‘Cursed’ EP is out 09/07/2021 and available to download from the WiddFam Bandcamp.

Check out Wolf’d on Soundcloud and Instagram.
Check out Widdfam on Soundcloud and Instagram.