The Weekly Buzz – 06/09/2021

Infernal Sounds are one of the most frequently featured imprints on H&B for a reason. Not just because 99.9% of their releases harbour some of the most unforgettable tunes within the genre, but because the label is one of the most versatile around. From curating fully loaded four-track records, to flawless digital exclusives and even a colossal compilation earlier this year, the schedule, the roster and the catalogue are absolutely jam packed with the type of 140 goodness you’d do well to match elsewhere! But for their next instalment, IFS go back to basics with two face melting tracks by a new and enigmatic duo that goes by the name of Frenchless.

The pair begin their dubstep journey with a tune that took my soul when I first heard it, presenting itself as one of the hardest yet waviest tunes I’ve heard for quite some time. ‘3C 273‘ starts life as a bruising roller, an incredible combination of pounding kicks, slapping snares and various percussive elements that offer such a groove, you simply can’t avoid contorting your face in some way. However, it’s upon a leading mystical flute when you simply melt into the beat. It’s incredibly smooth and hypnotic and whilst flute samples have rocketed in popularity over the years, ‘3C 273‘ still feels so unique, manifesting a vibe that you can’t quite articulate. The flute softens the soul and the bassline rips it out. It’s made to be felt, like the most vivid of acid trips. On the flip, ‘Grunks‘ provides a chest rattling switch, more focused on a crucial, stomping bassline with dangerous flow. It’s another Frenchless cut designed to be felt, but in a different way; through the tallest of sound-systems, until it disrupts every bone in your trembling body.

This is quite the debut from Frenchless. Considering I and many others have never heard anything from this duo before, it makes you wonder who these guys are individually and whether we’ve unwittingly enjoyed music from themselves in the past. It’s a name we’ll be seeing a lot more of I’m sure and Infernal Sounds, being the taste makers that they are, have rightfully grabbed first dibs. Finally, it must be said, like all of IFS’s releases, the artwork is absolutely on the money, this time by the multitalented Prism, who understands and reflects the face melting music perfectly.

IFS028 is out 10/09/2021 and available on vinyl and digitally from the Infernal Sounds Bandcamp and more of your preferred outlets.

Check out Frenchless on Soundcloud and Instagram.
Check out Infernal Sounds on Soundcloud and Instagram.