The Weekly Buzz – 07/06/2021 [HNYBSS Premiere]

If there’s one label that consistently offers both the sounds of the familiar and the fresh, it’s FatKidOnFire. After a wild remix EP featuring the most respected of dons last month, the prolific label returns this week with a debut from emerging Canadian producer, Nahlith. Taking influence from beloved festivals of his native country such as Shambhala, he conjures up the energy that so often descends onto these festivals, an energy that so many have been starved of over the last eighteen months. Nahlith provides the potent atmospheres across four brand new productions including todays premiere, the concluding ‘Physis‘.

Opening the gates to FKxF005, the deep, discernible lows of ‘Weaving Shadows‘ travels through the vast forests of British Columbia, attracted to the tension and the growing buzz that begins to shake the sheer rock faces of the West Kootenay mountains. Nahlith‘s desire for entrancing ambience and enchanting atmospheres is immediate, beautifully layering echoes of breathy tones, so subtle and spectral beneath the sharp mystical plucks that ignite the flames of a dancefloor young into the night.

As the surviving light of the sun fades and the comforting flickers of starlight emerges, Nahlith focuses on the unwavering energy of an enraptured crowd with ‘Etchings‘. He stokes the fire with powerful 808s and other trappy elements, diversifying the sound palette, a melting pot of vibrancy and life like the crowd that stands before the dazzling Grove stage. The magic of the midnight hour casts it’s spell upon the captivated crowd and the secluded forest that stands so still whilst shrouded in darkness. Nahlith chooses to draw influence from the twilight with ‘Eclipse‘, easily the most enthralling track inside and the very essence of Nahlith‘s craft. Amidst the intensified kick patterns, the maniacal percussion and the deep, enduring lows, wicked and bewitching textures can be heard with clarity. At times I’m reminded of Nahlith‘s Canadian counterpart, Widow, who engaged in similar spell-binding works last year, and I must wonder what sorcery the pair could develop if they were to ever converge!
Physis‘, the Greek translation for nature, welcomes the turn of dawn over the festival, reminding it’s visitors of their inherent connection to the surrounding nature and the accommodating wildlife as it begins to reawaken for another day in utopia. Once again the flux of the percs and movement of the lows are as impressive as the rest of the release, clearly Nahlith knows how to play to his strengths and how to capture the attention of an army of passionate bass-heads.

Nahlith‘s FKOF debut is one of charisma and magic. A memorable experience of deep, entrancing bass music filled with reminders of the greatness of nature and the greatness of a festival not driven just by the force of nature itself, but also the incomparable power of a sound system and the community it perpetuates.

FKxF005 is out 11/06/2021 and available to download from the FatKidOnFire Bandcamp.

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