The Weekly Buzz – 07/12/2020

I’m sure I’m not the only one who agrees that Oxossi has broadly become one of the most innovative producers around, blending effortlessly into a host of labels like the creative chameleon he proves to be. No matter what he comes up with, whether it’s the deep and groovy classic ‘White Rabbit‘ on Rarefied or the intoxicating ‘Sama’ on Subaltern Records, we can always expect something mind boggling from Oxossi and that’s why he finds himself returning to the notorious Deep Dark & Dangerous for his latest record, ‘Morbid Impulses’ EP.

Oxossi sees off 2020 with four of the biggest and thickest productions he’s cooked up this year. Suited for both the basement and the big room like most of DDD’s catalogue, ‘Morbid Impulses‘ EP is a beefy, full bodied meal of potent textures and rapturous sound palettes. From the first tension filled bass tones and ominous flute notes on ‘Sweat‘, it quickly becomes apparent that Oxossi is about to go on an absolute auditory rampage. After the lively movement and spirited chords of the opener, he continues to conjure up that juju magic on the haunted ‘Magdelena‘, an experience in it’s own right, ranging from the lucid clanking percussion, the cinematic spook filled tones and the wildest, wackiest, eeriest brass section you’ll hear on a track like this. And that’s without mentioning the monstrous throbbing sub-low pressure and additional cunning details. The title track ‘Morbid Impulses‘ displays more of the same unyielding craziness, almost like a fever dream, there’s so many twist and turns on this EP that a cleanser is needed and that is where the concluding ‘Sosa‘ comes in. The smoother of the four, though still as vibrant and vivid as the rest, ‘Sosa‘ leads with animated flute melody, coupled with heavenly harmonies and divine chimes. SYKE! This is Oxossi we’re talking about here. A sickening switch dives back into brain melting, fuzzy bass weight pressure, chilling keys and ingenious, throat-cutting sleigh bells. There’s no ‘cleanser’ here; ‘Morbid Impulses‘ EP offers relentless, sonic absurdity until the very end.
And if by this point you’re not in some kind of neural coma, hit up that digital bonus ‘Dead Thorns‘, for an extra fix of Oxossi flamboyancy.

Look, you don’t need me to tell you that Deep Dark & Dangerous has had another mad year, there’s a reason why they’re the genre leading label that they are, but even after remarkable releases from the likes of ColtCuts, Widow and most recently ISDED, both Oxossi and DDD have brazenly decided that it still wasn’t enough and felt obliged to put out what might not only be the most impressive, exciting DDD release of 2020 but the most impressive and exciting release of 2020 period.

DDD073 is out this Friday (11th December) and available on vinyl and digitally from the Deep Dark & Dangerous Bandcamp.

Check out Oxossi on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Deep Dark & Dangerous on Soundcloud and Twitter.