The Weekly Buzz – 08/03/2021 [HNYBSS PREMIERE]

Basskruit are back at it again this week, playing host to another fantastic project! This time it’s Rotterdam’s Ramsez who steps to the buttons for this bar setting five tracker, ‘Yehh‘ EP. As a project that explicitly provides a wide range of sound, it’s tough to pick a favourite. However having finally settled on one, it’s a pleasure to be premiering ‘Those Who Are Seen Dancing‘ today, a track that satisfies the appetite for both chest rattling weight and eerie encounters.

The opening title track, ‘Yehh‘, is perfectly placed for setting the tone. Like the majority of the release, it’s a masterclass in low end creativity. Following a catchy, glitched out vocal lead, if you think the initial stomping bassline is big, then make sure you’ve got your ‘big boi’ pants on for the second drop; a face melting switch of basslines, from the distorted mid range stabs to the ludicrous wobbles. But what’s equally important is the continuation of it’s violent snare, metallic and sharp, like smacking C3PO’s head with a baseball bat!
Whilst Ramsez expresses himself through his own well crafted sound previously heard on the likes of Navy Cut and Deep Dark & Dangerous, there’s plenty of old school flavour in here also, most notably through the bouncy synth ‘n sub combo of ‘Smell Of Freedom‘ and the rising, simmering synths of ‘No Question‘. Sandwiched between is today’s premiere, ‘Those Who Are Seen Dancing‘. Effectively centred around a profound quote from philosopher, Freidrich Nietzsche, “Those who were seen dancing were though to be insane by those who could not hear the music”, Ramsez suitably builds the heaviest, most insane weight on the EP and tops it with fierce FX and eerie textures. He switches it up once again for the final track and brings the groove with ‘Urban Sunset‘, a stunning combo of funky foley percs and smooth yet bewildering basslines. Although not one to settle for anything less than perfect, Ramsez adds some extra flavour with the cutting James Brown-like adlibs and graceful floating pads for a sparkling final impression.

Although Ramsez has impressed in the past with huge tunes like ‘Big Boi‘ (NAVYCUT009) and ‘Jaywalkin” (DDD037), ‘Yehh‘ EP really feels like some of his most accomplished work to date. A journey through his matured sound with tangible influences and diverse styles, this is the product of a producer coming into his own, perfectly spotlighted by Basskruit. The thing with Basskruit is not only are they in existence to support the Dutch and Belgian Dubstep scene as they have stated themselves, it turns out they are driving the genre as a whole, already responsible for some of the most noteworthy releases this year.

BSSKRT006 is available 12/03/2021 and available to download from the Basskruit Bandcamp.

Check out Ramsez on Soundcloud and Instagram.
Check out Basskruit on Soundcloud and Instagram.