The Weekly Buzz – 09/08/2021

Re-emerging from the creative melting pot that is Montreal, SBK delivers two brand new system-ready heaters this week for an unmissable debut on Navy Cut! Hopping from Locus Sound to DUPLOC to Vomitspit and elsewhere, the Canadien has provided us with an impressive range of sound over the last couple of years that’s always satisfied the most attuned of 140 lovers and none more so than Navy Cut head honcho, J.Sparrow. NCDIGI005 offers two of SBK.’s more hearty, raw-to-the-core tunes, plastered in a thick portion of lively sub bass that Navy Cut has become so synonymous with.

Through just two diverging tracks, SBK gifts us with a broad insight into his multi-layered creative capabilities. ‘Mushroom Dub’ exposes the Canadien’s brighter side with a medley of distinct high frequency tones, piercing through the progressive wonky bass textures like laser beams. The raw, organic feel of the drums carries over into it’s sister track ‘Shiro‘, but here lays the dark side to SBK. Turning the vibe completely on it’s head, the menacing snarls of ‘Shiro‘ are immediate. Starting out as a lone grizzly bear of a bassline, it’s consumed by dizzying wobbly mids without a moment’s notice. This one is right on the money for Navy Cut, fulfilling it’s appetite for all things bounce ‘n bass!

After some considerable time away from the spotlight, NCDIGI005 comes as a relief to see SBK still at the top of his game. Not only that, but to still hear diversification and growth within his sound is super satisfying and thoroughly deserving of a spot on the flawlessly curated Navy Cut. Yet another notorious label to add to an already impressive discography! Magnifique!

NCDIGI005 is out 12/08/2021 and available to download from the Navy Cut Bandcamp.

Check out SBK. on Soundcloud and Instagram.
Check out Navy Cut on Soundcloud and Instagram.