The Weekly Buzz – 10/01/2022

Only two weeks into the year and already we’re experiencing the end of the world! Now don’t be alarmed, I don’t mean literally, but what I am referring to is the apocalyptic sounds of Distance returning home to Chestplate! As you’d expect from such a legendary producer, Distance detonates three explosive tunes for ‘Crawler‘ EP, including that incredible ‘Untouchable‘ VIP. It’s the first release to feature on Chestplate since Distance‘s ‘Forgotten Demons’ project last year with Bukez Finezt before that in 2020, so ‘Crawler‘ arrives as another rare yet utterly devastating record to add to the Chestplate collection.

Like the EP in it’s entirety, the leading track ‘Crawler‘ is Distance at his utmost darkest. An industrial stomper for the ages, ‘Crawler’ is a menacing, unfiltered audio assault that doesn’t let up – in the most enjoyable way of course. That prototypical ferocity of Distance‘s sound design is more powerful than ever, dialled up to near maximum levels, encouraged by huge swells of distortion and the most violent of snares that form a noticeably progressive drum section, helping deliver a sense of urgency. The destruction crosses over and into ‘The Limit’, but while Distance whips up another stormy sound palette, the pioneer plays with a stunning amount of space that reminds me of his massive ‘Scratch The Surface‘ track from 2017. Between the carnage, the rough metallic bass slides and samples recognisable to the OGs, Distance‘s iconic frosty synth tones push icicles through the heart of the tune – as cold and cinematic as ever. At some point, the colossal VIP of ‘Untouchable‘ had to be unleashed and the time has finally arrived! Rightfully supported by a who’s who in the scene, ‘Untouchable‘ VIP is up there with one of my favourite reworks of all time. It’s certainly in keeping with the rest of the release, mainly thanks to additional synth work that seems so abrasive and maniacal. The mix as a whole feels so much sharper, including the cold and iconic melody that continues to invoke uncontrollable shivers.

January is a month where I’ll be copping incredible new music from two more of my all time favourites (J:Kenzo and Mesck) and you can throw ‘Crawler‘ EP against that kind of calibre as well. Easily some of my favourite Distance productions for some time, it’s glaring to see that all gloves have come off on this one. A no-nonsense titanic trio of the most chest-rattling 140 to ‘ease’ us mere mortals into the new year.

Crawler‘ EP is out 14/01/2022 and available to download from Distance’s Bandcamp.

Check out Distance on Soundcloud and Instagram.