The Weekly Buzz – 14/12/2020

It’s the final Weekly Buzz of the year and what better way to see off 2020 than with a release from one of the years’ most consistent and most impressive labels, Infernal Sounds! IFS026 brings together an exciting heavyweight tag team of Chad Dubs and Somah, two of the UK’s hardest hitters. Sometimes you’ll find some collaborative records only feature a collab or two and then finish with some solo additions, but this one is a straight shooting collaborative masterpiece, featuring four knockout heaters by the debuting duo, yearning for a dimly lit room and a mountainous sound system.

The ruff ‘n tuff energy of ‘The Business‘ signals the start to a collection of encyclopaedic low end movements, beginning with a runaway train of filthy mid to low range pulses and brain melting change ups. Moments of cold synths foreshadow what’s to be expected as the temperature plummets on the following ‘Naraka‘, laden with ominous high-frequency tones, piercing stabs and eerie melody, all in the midst of snarling low end pressure. And keep those eyes down for the following ‘Amplified‘, my pick of the four. After a tension filled intro and the poignant remarks of legendary Reggae producer, Sir Lloyd Coxsone, ‘Amplified‘ grows from a sparse, slow burning banger to a mind altering, dancefloor leveller, embellished by the illuminating, hypnotic synths of the second mesmerising phase. A definite highlight on the record.
Chad Dubz and Somah conclude with the classic sounds of ‘Unresolved‘, a demonstration of raw, stripped back bass music whilst maintaining an addictive and lively bounce. The pair run through an array of low end textures, from the wet to the wonky to the rough, it’s all that’s required for a memorable closer with nothing but ethereal pads echoing in the vacant space.

Infernal Sounds finish a year of consistent, cutting-edge records with a finale piece unique to it’s catalogue; ‘The Business’ EP is the first entirely collaborative project to feature on the imprint. And it’s certainly a statement piece, with two of the UK’s finest Dubstep dons in Chad Dubz and Somah remaining on top form.

IFS026 is out this Friday (18th December) and available on vinyl from the Infernal Sounds store.

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