The Weekly Buzz – 16.05.2022

Following a memorable debut with ‘Solstice‘ EP last year, Bristol’s Lofty returns to White Peach Records this week with what could be considered his journey to the next level. ‘Foretold‘ is a stunning four track project headed by two of the most beautiful tunes you’ll hear this year with a couple of heavy hitters on the flipside. And not only are we in for a fully accomplished record, but also a perfect combo, where Lofty teams up with Ourman for the EP’s title track and of course it’s as breath-taking as you’d expect.

The drama of ‘Foretold‘ hits instantly with an elevating crescendo of harmonised vocals running through the core of the track. Surrounding the heartfelt vocal licks, Ourman‘s unmistakeable melodic charm comes to prominence giving ‘Foretold‘ a lasting animated memory in what will be an anthemic collaboration to remember!
Asakusa’ has been a long time coming, destined to become a piece of the White Peach catalogue. The initial dream-like theme bleeds into this second track, in a way that feels so pensive and ethereal. Lofty utilises more ambient vocal cuts, capturing the atmospheres developed by a powerful brooding low end, bright xylophone-like notes and a piercing flute sample. However with a flip of the plate, we move from the Jekyl to the Hyde as Lofty‘s sound progresses into a darker space on ‘Mortician‘. Whilst signature chime notes remain, the mainstay vocal harmonies become breathier, the bass line edgier and the intense oscillating pads reveal a new side to Lofty‘s productions in the form of tension. Similarly, the aptly titled ‘Grizzly’ rounds off the record as we experience some of Lofty‘s toughest work to date. A track that proves the young producer can do it all, ‘Grizzly‘ leaves a mark on the bass bins with it’s heavy focus on contorted bass carnage and corresponding snappy drums to boot.

In comparison to the minimal Lofty appearances of the past, ‘Foretold‘ EP is a coming of age record, so beautifully and succinctly demonstrating the Bristolian’s increasing range and ear catching styles. Like the majority of White Peach‘s releases, WPR059 is a four tracker that should please most heads and offers bucket loads of playback ability!

Foretold‘ EP is out 20/05/2022 and available on vinyl and digitally from the White Peach Records Bandcamp.

Check out Lofty on Soundcloud and Instagram.
Check out White Peach Records on Soundcloud and Instagram.