The Weekly Buzz – 18/10/2021

Yes that’s right, I’m featuring yet another Infernal Sounds record, but how could I not when it involves one of my favourite tunes of the year?! Two years in the making, DE-TÜ returns to the label with the biggest heavyweight outing since Fury versus Wilder. Subsequent to their flawless releases on the likes of White Peach and Innamind Recordings, you would’ve thought I’d be pretty familiar with the sounds of the Bristol duo by now, but still they insist on delivering knock out punch after knock out punch!

DE-TÜ blows a winter chill throughout the night fallen streets of the city with the highly anticipated ‘Roadblock‘. Outlined by a now iconic vocal cut that melts into open space, moody sub drives and icy pads illustrate the dark Bristolian streets where the notorious DE-TÜ lure in dedicated locals, creating a ‘Roadblock‘ and in turn, one of my favourite tunes of 2021. From the perfectly mixed samples to the introing chords, dubwise inflections run throughout the a-side and subsequently into ‘St.Pauls (City Dub)‘ on the flip. With more dubby elements scattered throughout a second round of DE-TÜ darkness, ‘St.Pauls (City Dub)‘ is a lot more percussive focused, bringing additional energy to the deeper subs that shake the foundations of the city’s iconic church.

As the bitter winter nights draw ever closer, the release of IFS029 is a timely one. A soundtrack to the looming foggy evenings in the city and like most of Infernal Sounds‘ output this year, a contribution to some of the best 140 material in 2021.

IFS029 is out 22/10/2021 and available on vinyl from the Infernal Sounds store and to download from the Infernal Sounds Bandcamp.

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