The Weekly Buzz – 20/04/2020

Romanian imprint Dirty Beats Music, a label certainly growing in stature, comes through with that 4/20 business this week with a stacked compilation that’s remarkably available for free download, so it would be stupid to miss. Throughout the generous twelve tracks, like all good compilations, we are treated to many favourite producers (especially here at Honey & Bass), plus a couple of newer names to discover.

Beginning with the deep, fiery flavours of ‘Devil’s Breath‘ where the sounds of Alienmade and Kodama collide, the compilation moves through various levels of depth. From the foundation shaking sounds of B-Say‘s ‘Tremble‘ and Vibe Emissions‘ ‘Corrupt‘, to the throbbing lows and spacious wubs of label boss-men Balinteu and Digital Selekta with ‘Cataclysm’ and ‘Mayday‘ respectively. The weight shows no mercy, mainly thanks to mighty collaborations from Volume A & L-Nix with ‘Certified Organic‘ and the weightiest of all, ‘Ancient Rituals‘ by Ego Death & Hitman. Dubstep trio DNS contribute some chaos on ‘Sanctuary‘, one of the more wild tracks to feature for sure. Although the pressure is maintained throughout the record’s play-time, other wavier, atmospheric areas are explored from the likes of Duckem‘s ‘Rise‘ and Mungk‘s eastern infused ‘Luscia‘, which adds some extra welcome flavour to the release.
As mentioned previously DBMVA001 features a couple of fresher names which is always a good sign of a successful compilation, especially when they deliver the goods. Upcoming Aussie Blottarz brings the wonk on his contribution ‘Whispers‘, as does Portland’s MAC with the crazy sounds of ‘Original Badmon‘.

DBMVA001 is not only another great release but a fantastic first compilation from the Dirty Beats Music crew, who continue to impress. For such an extensive release to be free is just wicked and must be taken advantage of! So in the process, make sure you tell a mate, follow all involved and support where you can.

DBMVA001 is out now and available to download for free from the Dirty Beats Music Bandcamp.

Check out Dirty Beats Music on Soundcloud and Twitter.