The Weekly Buzz – 21/03/2022

You can’t have a label like DuttDutt, a new specialist in all things dark and leftfield, and not put out some newly discovered artefacts from Soukah! The Belgian producer has been a mainstay in my rotation for what seems like a lifetime now. Whether it’s on labels like Rarefied or superbly crafted self-released projects, it’s always gold, glistening in the in the dark cold caverns that he so vividly builds. This latest two tracker offers more of Soukah‘s etheric charm on a signature DuttDutt dubplate which dropped earlier this month, but this week, these two gems will become available to those who’re looking to freshen up their digital collection!

Calling Ghosts‘ is the powerful unrelenting stomper to this two-faced monster of a plate. Cinematic and expansive, the biting textures eventually match up to it’s gritty drums, elevated by a crushing switch to highlight the marching progression. The emotions are then plucked at with ‘Saphir‘ on the flip – a potent blend of Soukah‘s unnerving patterns and rumbling lows, arranged against a cut of breathy, elevating vocals from Natalie Taylor‘s ‘Surrender‘. ‘Saphir‘ produces a memorable and compelling atmosphere that remains so unique to Soukah.

As long as DuttDutt continues to produce these super limited dubplates, you can bet your bottom dollar that the best of the best will continue to be cut such as this latest offering! I feel like I say this every time when talking about Soukah‘s gripping work, but these two belters will go down as some of his best.

DD004 is on now on vinyl and available to download on 25/03/2022 from the DuttDutt Bandcamp.

Check out Soukah on Soundcloud or Instagram.
Check out DuttDutt on Soundcloud and Instagram.