The Weekly Buzz – 24/02/2020

It’s been quite a start to 2020 for Oxossi. Having began the year with the long awaited release of ‘Blackhorse’ on Banana Stand Sound, the LA based producer debuts on Subaltern Records this week with ‘Sama’ EP, a collection of four mystical tracks full of life and colour. This comes as yet another must cop record on Subaltern, following a year of consistently incredible records from the likes of Mrshl, Glume & Phossa, Ill K, Helktram, City1 and the list goes on. And I’m sure, following the run of amazing releases and now this beauty from Oxossi, that I’m not the only one who’s found Subaltern Records creep into the conversation for one of the best labels currently active today.

Sama‘ EP begins with the huge title track, a long time dub and one of which I’ve been completely obsessed with upon first listen. Oxossi demonstrates his wizardry from the onset. He begins to build fantastical soundscapes, utilising unusual enchanting flutes, progressive synths and wonky ‘n wacky bass design. If you think the bass-weight is aplenty on ‘Sama’ however, you’ll be blown away by the low end movements of ‘Saut Dans Le Vide‘. The magic is incorporated into acknowledgements of roots and culture, alongside genius melodic work, including a range of organic instrumentation from flute to piano. There’s almost a jazzy improv-like quality throughout, where the witch-doctor Oxossi continues to guide us through his enchanted forest. The physical release ends with ‘Undead‘ where things get particularly lively. The creatures of the forest are awoken as Oxossi casts his spell and introduces electrifying 8bit madness. It runs through like a 90’s arcade machine on acid, with some nice fizzy textures from the added static.
If you’re getting yourself the digital release, you’ll be blessed with the sounds of ‘Rejoice’, which happens to be my personal favourite alongside the title track. ‘Rejoice‘ leaves us enthralled in spookier areas of Oxossi‘s fantastical world that has been created throughout this project. With sombre organ chords and eccentric sampling sprinkled over an otherwise minimal design, Oxossi leaves us explorers in the shadows of the forest, pondering on the bewitching ‘Sama‘ experience.

It can be said for a whole host of producers today but when it comes to Oxossi there is something truly unique to his sound. It’s unusual, it’s hypnotic but most importantly it’s dance floor friendly, and an effective way of scattering a little magic into a set. ‘Sama‘ EP is yet another captivating record to land on Subaltern Records as the label continues to build a super entertaining catalogue with an incredible amount of variety, you just don’t know who or what’s coming next!

SUBALT024 is out this Friday (28th February) and available from the Subaltern Records store.

Check out Oxossi on Soundcloud and Twitter.
Check out Subaltern Records on Soundcloud and Twitter.